9 Home Remedies For Runny Nose


Home Remedies For Runny Nose

Runny nose can cause a lot of trouble and discomfort if appropriate action is not taken in time. It may become difficult for an individual to concentrate on his/her work.Runny nose can result from common cold, change in weather, exposure to dust and pollution and so on. Though the problem of runny nose may get cured with the passage of time, various types of home remedies can also help in the treatment of runny nose.

Home remedies are inexpensive and have no side effects. Some of the home remedies for runny nose are mentioned below.

Home Remedies for Runny Nose

Use Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice For Runny Nose

Lemon juice (2 tablespoons) can be added to a glass of warm water and consumed 2 to 3 times in a day to deal with the problem of runny nose. This remedy should be used till the time the problem is completely cured.

Use Honey

Honey For Runny Nose

Consuming a mixture of honey (1 tablespoon), lime juice and warm water can also help in providing relief from the problem of runny nose.

Consume Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea For Runny Nose

An individual can prepare and consume hot ginger tea at regular intervals to treat runny nose.Another alternative is to extract and consume ginger juice. Chewing raw ginger can also provide effective results.

Use Garlic

The problem of runny nose can be cured with the help of garlic. It is advisable to consume raw garlic to obtain best results. In case it is not possible to consume raw garlic, an individual can create and consume a mixture of garlic juice and honey to treat runny nose.

Garlic For Runny Nose

Drink Water

An individual having runny nose should drink water at regular intervals. It is important to note that runny nose can result in loss of water in the form of mucus expelled from nose.Therefore, it becomes essential to drink water in optimum quantity to compensate for such loss of water. Drinking water helps in reducing the thickness of nasal mucus.

Water For Runny Nose

Use Steam

Another home remedy for runny nose can be steam. Inhaling steam can give effective results. An individual is required to add few drops of eucalyptus or thyme oil to hot water in order to use this remedy. It is preferable to cover the head with a towel/cloth at the time of inhaling steam.An individual can continue to cover the head with towel/cloth (for some time) after the process has been completed. This home remedy can help in clearing excess mucus which ultimately helps in the treatment of runny nose.

Steam For Runny Nose

Use Mustard Oil

Mustard oil can be used as another home remedy for runny nose. To use this remedy, an individual is required to put 2 drops of warm mustard oil in the nostrils. This process can be performed with the help of a dropper.

Mustard Oil For Runny Nose

Consume Vitamin C Rich Fruits

Consumption of vitamin c rich fruits can also help an individual in obtaining relief from the problem of runny nose. Drinking fresh orange and grapefruit juice can also provide desired results.

Vitamin C Rich Fruits For Runny Nose

Consume Chicken Soup And Spicy Foods

Chicken Soup For Runny Nose

An individual can also drink chicken soup to treat runny nose. Consumption of spicy foods can also help in providing relief from the problem of runny nose.