8 Home Remedies For Neuralgia


8 Home Remedies For Neuralgia

Neuralgia is a condition in which there is severe pain like an electric shock in the head and face. The pain worsens on movements. The muscles in the affected body part become weak and paralyzed. The condition occurs due to an electrical problem in the nervous system. Neuralgia can be due to chemical irritation, diabetes, porphyria, trauma, surgery, infection and use of some medicines.

If pressure is exerted on the nerves due to tumors, bones and ligaments, it can lead to neuralgia.If you have neuralgia, you should take a nutritious diet. Take foods that contain magnesium, Vitamin B and minerals. Avoid kissing, hugging and touching the face. Cover the face with a warm scarf when the weather is cold. Use home remedies for curing neuralgia. The following home remedies for neuralgia have been found to be useful in treating the condition.

Home Remedies For Neuralgia

1. Hot And Cold Packs

If you have neuralgia, you can use hot packs for relaxing muscles. These packs are known to provide relief in neuralgia. Application of external heat is known as thermotherapy and it helps in expansion of blood vessels, which increases the blood circulation and cures pain caused by neuralgia. You can also use ice packs and place these packs on cheeks as well as jaws. Ice pack gives instant relief from symptoms of neuralgia. You can alternate the hot packs with ice packs. It will help in soothing the painful muscles [1]

Cold Packs

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils help in curing pain and spasms caused by neuralgia. You should massage the painful body parts with essential oils. Do the massage gently in circular motions. Rub the oil on the affected area. Some essential oils that you can use for curing neuralgia are eucalyptus, chamomile and peppermint oils. You can also use evening primrose and lavender oils [2].

Essential Oils

3. Take Bath

You can add lavender blossoms to the bath water and take bath with it. You can also add spruce and pine needles to the bathwater. It will help in increasing blood circulation and cure the spasms caused by neuralgia. Boil lavender and pine in water and strain it before mixing it with the bathwater [3].

Bath With Lukewarm Water

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4. Medicinal Teas

If you have neuralgia, you should drink medicinal teas. You can drink valerian root tea. You can make this tea by steeping the dry valerian root in cold water for 24 hours. Drink 2 cups of this tea daily. You can also drink St. John’s Wort tea. You can make this tea by steeping dry leaves of St. John’s Wort leaves in boiling water for 15 minutes. You can drink 3-6 cups of this tea daily. You can combine these teas with licorice. Licorice helps in fighting inflammation caused by neuralgia [4].

valerian root tea

5. Celery Juice

Extract juice from2-3 celery stalks. If you like sweet taste, you can add carrot while extracting the celery juice. Drink the juice. You can take half-cup celery juice daily. Use only fresh juice of celery and avoid storing the juice in refrigerator. The reason behind this is that the enzymes that cure the nerve pain of neuralgia are finished soon after the juice is extracted. Celery juice is very effective in curing pain caused by neuralgia [5].

Celery Juice

6. Epsom Salt

You can mix Epsom salts in hot water and soak in this water. Epsom salts help in curing the tension and pain in the muscles caused by neuralgia. Another way of using Epsom salt is to soak a towel in Epsom salt mixed with hot water. Squeeze the towel to remove excess water.

Place the towel on neck base in the area where the trigeminal nerves are situated. Keep the towel for some time so that the Epsom salt acts on the affected area. You can buy the Epsom salts from a drug store. Epsom salts are not expensive at all. Epsom salts help in the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, which is very important for the cure of neuralgia [6].

Epsom salts in hot water

7. Apply Pressure

If you have neuralgia, you should apply pressure on the painful area. It will cure the exhaustion caused by neuralgia. It increases blood circulation and repairs damage to the nerves. You can apply pressure on the affected area with the help of your palms. You can press the affected area on a pillow. Applying pressure in this way prevents triggering of pain [7].

apply pressure on the painful area

8. Capsaicin Cream

If you have post herpetic neuralgia, you can use capsaicin cream for curing the pain caused by the condition. When you apply the cream on the affected body parts, you can have little burning and irritation in the skin but it is a temporary side effect and becomes all right with time. Do not use the cream on body parts that are not affected by neuralgia as it can cause irritation. Wear gloves while applying the cream and wash hands after using it. Apply the cream according to the application instructions [8].

Capsaicin Cream