5 Home Remedies For Nail Biting


Home Remedies For Nail Biting Nail biting is a common fixation and a bad habit more in adults than in children. Along with many women destroying the beauty of their nails there are a lot of men who are addicted to biting their nails on a regular basis.Also, it is a rampant problem among half of the children. There are no such specific medications available for the same. However, researches show that the problem starts itself at an early stage of life and carries on till you are adults.

Some of the common causes that have been detected for nail biting include ervousness and tension, irregular or abnormal condition of the nails, feelings of insecurity and motional imbalance. In case you want to stay away from this dirty habit, adhere to some home remedies that are not only safe but effective as well. Here goes the list of natural solutions that you can effortlessly follow everyday-

Home Remedies For Nail Biting  

Trim The Nails

Trim The Nails Helps In Nail Biting Keeping the nails short in length and cutting down the sharp ends greatly reduces the temptation to bite nails. It has been seen that longer the nails the more you feel like biting them on a more regular basis. Keep them filed and clean short as one of the simplest home remedy that you can come across.

Coat The Nails

Coat The Nails Helps In Nail Biting One of the most interesting ways to keep nail biting at bay both in children and adults is to coat them with any bitter substance or edible home products. So whenever you take your nails in the mouth the next time, you will avoid taking it back again.

However, you need to maintain some precautions here and keep the hands away from the eyes or any part of inflammation in the body. Lemon juice can be used for the same purpose.For this a lot of liquids are also available in the market with foul taste. But you never know how safe they are on your health. So try and prepare one yourself at home.

Wear Clean Gloves

Wear Clean Gloves Helps In Nail Biting Cotton gloves are one of the effective solutions to stop nail biting especially when at home. Wear these clean gloves while staying indoors to reduce the habit considerably. The gloves can also be substituted with a bandage that acts as a shield between your mouth and the nails.

Find Other Ways For Oral Stimulation

You can look out for other healthy ways for oral stimulation as this is one of the major reasons for nail biting in a lot of adults. Opt for sugar free items or food products like carrots and raisins that have a high level of nutrient value and good for the body. Some healthy and mouth watering snacks can easily divert your mind from nail biting.

Oral Stimulation Helps In Nail Biting Keep The Nails Healthy

Since one of the major causes of nail biting is irregular nails and formation of cuticles, keep your nails manicured for the better. Keeping them moisturized, clean and healthy will prevent problems of cracking and chipping and also reduce biting.

Keep The Nails Healthy Helps In Nail Biting These are some of the top most remedies that you can follow at home to keep nail biting at bay.

5 Home Remedies For Nail Biting