5 Home Remedies For Mumps


 Home Remedies For Mumps

Mumps or parotitis is an infectious disease of viral origin, most commonly found in children under the age of 15, which involves the enlargement of the gonads, the salivary glands (parotid gland) and occasionally involves other organs of the body like pancreas and meninges. Once infected, there is swelling on the parotid gland under the jaw and in front of the ears.

The pain is usually felt by the patient first under one ear along with stiffness in the neck and jaw and then extends to the other jaw. The onset of mumps is usually sudden. Patient feels lack of appetite, feverishness, sore throat, chilly sensation and pain while chewing or swallowing food or talking.  The fever usually subsides within 2-3 days but the swelling lasts for approximately 7 to 9 days.

Top Home Remedies For Mumps

No antibiotic medication can bring relief to this viral infection. So like most viral infections, doctors advise the patient to let the mumps run its course. Though complication is rare, proper care should be taken to recover from this viral infection completely. Some known complications that can arise are hearing loss, pancreatitis, meningitis and inflammation of the ovaries. The treatment is aimed at healing and recovery from the symptoms. There are some very effective home remedies to treat the symptoms and bring relief to the patient.

1. Take Proper Rest

Patient should take plenty of rest until the fever subsidies. Talking less will provide rest to the jaw and reduce pain. As chewing and swallowing can cause a lot of pain, patient should be given food soft in texture or liquid foods to eat. But whatever you eat, it should be high in nutrient; otherwise it can delay the process of healing.

Some good and healthy options of soft and semi-solid foods include rice porridge, semi-liquid oatmeal, vegetable soup and chicken soup, broth etc. Fruit juices like apple, pineapple, grapes are also excellent for providing nutrition to the patient and boost the immune system. Always stay hydrated as dehydration can worsen the symptoms.

Take Proper Rest

2. Apply Warm And Cold Compress

To reduce swelling and pain associated with mumps, rub ice pack on the swollen area. This will numb the area and relieve you from discomfort.  For hot fomentation, dip a piece of cloth in warm water and apply on the swollen areas like around the ear, jaw line and neck. This will reduce swelling and pain. Application of hot and cold therapy every 2-3 hours for 10-15 minutes will bring considerable relief.  The order should be three hot applications followed by one cold application. Continue with the fomentation till you get complete relief from pain and swelling.

Apply Warm And Cold Compress

3. Apply Ginger Paste

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties. Applying a paste made of dry ginger powder and water on the swollen area can bring great relief from pain and swelling.

Apply Ginger Paste

4. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is another effective remedy for getting relief from pain and inflammation of mumps. You can use extract of Aloe Vera Gel from fresh leaf of Aloe Vera plant. Rub the gel on the inflamed area after adding a little turmeric powder two or three times a day. Within a few days, pain and swelling will be gone. Some also suggest bandaging the leaf over the inflamed part after warming it to get quick relief.

Aloe Vera Gel

5. Asparagus Seeds

Asparagus seeds have been found very effective for healing mumps.  Make a paste by grinding equal part of asparagus seeds and fenugreek seeds and apply over the swelled area. This will provide great relief from pain and swelling.Close proximity with the patient should be avoided to avoid contracting mumps.

Asparagus Seeds