14 Home Remedies for Morning Sickness


Morning sickness does not necessarily occur in the morning, though may be more pronounced at that time, it may last the whole day in some cases. Though there are certain medicines available for morning sickness, none are without the side-effects.

Morning Sickness

Hence, most of the women do not want to take chances, when it comes to pregnancy. They try to stick to the home remedies. Since the  times immemorial, the women have experienced this condition, and they have been passing on the tried and tested home remedies to their successive generations. This article brings to you some simple and yet effective home remedies.

List Of Home Remedies For Morning Sickness

Frequent Eating

First of all,  know that you are not likely to able to eat full meals at one go. Eat smaller portions but eat frequently. Even if you don’t want to eat, coax yourself into eating. A hungry stomach is more prone to  nausea.

Frequent Eating

Use Ginger

Use of ginger as a treatment for morning sickness is high on the list of Ayurvedic remedies. Folk medicine of England and certain other European regions also recommend  ginger root for alleviating the symptoms of nausea. Gingerol is the chemical compound that is responsible for the benefits of ginger. Shagaols are the others, these two  together relax the digestive system.

Ginger can be taken in many ways. Make a ginger tea by boiling a tsp of grated root in a cup of water. Add honey as a sweetener. Or cut fine slices of ginger, dip them in fresh lemon and salt.  Eat a bit at a time and see the morning sickness leaving you. Ginger ale is also very good, take a flat ginger ale, not a fizzy one.


Stay Away From The Odors

You may find that there  are some odors that never were unpleasant earlier, but  now suddenly they become so pronounced that you can’t stand them. Stay away from them as much as possible. To fight those odors keep some herb scented handkerchief ready with you all the time. Lavender, thyme or fresh lime peel, especially the peel of a green lime will be particularly helpful in dealing with those odors. You can make  bundle of these herbs and use.

Stay Away From The Odors

Have  Mint Leaves

Make a chutney or mint drink, mint is a wonderful remedy to combat vomiting and nausea. Mint contains anesthetic constituents, so take its tea or drink when you feel that you are going to be hit by morning sickness.Mint drink can be made by putting crushed or chopped leaves of mint into a glass of water, add to it some sugar, salt and fresh lime. To make tea, put boiled water to 3 to 4 twigs of mint. Let it stand for half an hour, add honey or sugar and drink as often as you like.

Mint Leaves

Try Liquid Diet

If you have a fancy for soups, juices and milk, consume them instead of bothering too much about eating solids.

Liquid Diet

Drink Between the Meals

Do not eat and drink at the same time. It is best not to overload the stomach. Drink enough of water  The women who drink water frequently reduce their nausea. When you get up at night to pass urine make it a point to drink a glass of water before going to bed.The best way to check your levels of hydration is examining your urine. If it is yellow, then you aren’t hydrated enough. The urine should be almost colorless. When you get up in the morning, nausea is likely to be less.


Go for Walks

It is healthy to go for walks, they will energize you body, you may have lesser nausea. Additionally, going out will take the odd feeling off your mind for some time.


Snack on Junk Food

If you fall in that category who is not able to eat anything at all and stays hungry most of the time, then it is best to at least fill up your stomach somehow. Decide for yourself what would you want to eat, do not shy away from eating it. The empty stomach is a trigger to nauseating feeling and it will irritate you.Potato chips or fries, burgers or patties, dry savories like pop corns or sweet pastries, crackers or biscuits: whatever catches your fancy just eat. As the nausea subsides after a few months you can try to eat the balanced and nourishing diet at that time.

Junk Food

Leave Your Bed Slowly

Avoid sudden and jerky movements. Do not stand immediately after getting  up. Take your time to stand up  from bed. If you are lying on bed,  first sit  for some time and then keep your feet on ground to stand up. Keep something to ready to eat,  next to your bed. Sit and munch on it, and then get out of the bed.

Leave Your Bed Slowly


Inhale Essential Oils

Prefer them over the risky medications. Mix together one part either the peppermint or lemon oil and four parts of lavender oil.Sniff them as and when you feel nauseated. It will help reduce nausea. You can try some other scents and fragrances.

Inhale Essential Oils

Suck on Candies

Try all sorts of candies, whichever you feel like. Ginger candies work very well to look after nausea. Procure the ginger candies,  if you can.


Take Vitamin Supplement

vitamin B 6 is recommended by some doctors who believe that it helps in dealing with nausea. the recommended dose  is 10 mg  to 25 mg. Eat three such doses.It is best to talk to your doctor starting on this supplement, but even if you decide not to check with the doctor, do not go beyond 75 mg per day.

Vitamin Supplement

Drink Tea

Fennel tea is also good in morning sickness. Powder 100 gm of fennel seeds and store them. To make one cup tea, put half a tsp of this powder in  a cup of boiling water. Let it stand for a while, drain and drink with sugar or honey added to it.

Drink Tea

Eat Juicy Fruits and Salads

They are relatively easy to eat and will keep you hydrated as well. Oranges, watermelons and grapes contain good volume of water in them. In salads the cucumbers and tomatoes are the juicier ones.Be happy that this is going to end in a lovely bundle of joy. And it is a matter of a few months.

Eat Juicy Fruits and Salads