5 Home Remedies For Mastitis


Home Remedies For Mastitis

Mastitis is inflammation of tissue in the mammary glands inside the breast. This condition is found in lactating mothers who are nursing their babies. A hard and sore area develops inside the breast which usually occurs due to a blocked milk duct or infection. Mastitis generally happens during the first three months after giving birth but it can even appear after two years when the mother has stopped breastfeeding the child. Non-infectious mastitis occurs due to the accumulation of milk within the breast tissue.

If the milk duct gets blocked, the milk is unable to find an outlet. Infectious mastitis is caused by bacterial infection. The accumulated milk becomes infected and leads to mastitis. The main symptom is a burning sensation in the breast. The affected area becomes red and feels hot to the touch and it pains considerably when touched. Some mothers also experience chills, fever, anxiety, stress, fatigue, general aches and pains and general malaise. Usually only one breast is affected but there is lot of tenderness and pain in it.

Best Home Remedies For Mastitis

Warm Ghee

Warm Ghee For Mastitis

When you are nursing the baby, massage the affected breast with some warm ghee with your fingers, in a circular motion. Ghee will stimulate the circulation and will help loosen the blocked milk duct. It will also take care of the infection and will provide immense relief in the pain. You should massage from the outer breast towards the nipple every time you nurse the baby.

Nurse the Baby Frequently

Nurse the Baby Frequently

Many women start weaning their babies when they have mastitis. But this should no be done as there is no way better way of breaking the plug than to have the baby feed frequently at the breast. When the baby sucks hard the milk forces its way out into the baby’s mouth and gradually the blockage is totally removed. You should see that the baby latches on to breast properly during feeding time.


Cabbage For Mastitis

Place a cabbage leaf inside your bra over the infection and leave it there. The cool cabbage leaf will act as a cold compress and will soon reduce the inflammation. It will also provide relief in the pain and tenderness and will help to unclog the milk duct. As soon as the milk duct is unclogged the infection will be flushed out automatically.


Generally bacteria do not thrive in mother’s milk but if the milk ducts are blocked then the likelihood of infection increases. The bacteria which are found on the surface of the breast skin gain an entry into breast through the small cracks in the skin. Commercial antibiotics are out of the question as they will pass into the baby through the milk so natural antibiotics such as garlic are safe and effective. Swallow three cloves of garlic with some water everyday.

Garlic For Mastitis

Dried Ginger

Ginger is another natural and safe antibiotic and is commonly given to lactating mothers to keep them free from all kinds of infections. Heat one teaspoon of ghee and add one teaspoon of dried ginger powder to it. Eat this mixture every morning.

Ginger For Mastitis