11 Home Remedies For Low Immunity


Home Remedies For Low Immunity

Low immunity can wreak havoc on your life. Respiratory problems, recurrent colds, skin problems and urinary problems are a few among many that can trouble you due to low levels of immunity. Keeping the immunity levels up has been a challenging task during these times when the physical activity has become low. We better not talk about the kind of food we get to eat, and leave aside mentioning all those who survive on junk food.

There are many types of allergies that have taken charge of lives and rendered us helpless. The medical sciences have not been able to get us answers to our complete satisfaction. We have to supplement home remedies with our doctor’s advice when we need to arrest immune disorder.

Home Remedies For Low Immunity

Water Therapy

Water Therapy For Low Immunity

Immune system is very delicate. Buildup of toxins can completely ruin your immune system. You will have to get into everything possible to keep toxins out of your body. One such best practice that you must adopt is to drink plenty of water.To derive maximum benefit from water therapy you should drink two glasses of warm water soon after you get up in the morning. Warm water dissolves the toxins that are mucus-like and which line the alimentary canal. This action brings the functioning of the digestive system at optimum levels.


Garlic For Low Immunity

Garlic is widely known for its property as an antibacterial and antiviral agent. It has been used because it is a low calorie natural immunity booster, though its strong smell may ward you off.The very fact that it has a strong smell makes it a favourite of many. It contains calcium, potassium and sulphuric compounds which ward the infections off. You can add it to your soups or grate and apply it on your breads along with butter. Add it to your vegetables and chickens to enhance the taste as well as your immunity.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E For Low Immunity

Vitamin E strengthens the immune system. The best item that can give vitamin E is the almonds. They are energy boosters and an overall tonic. Add them as a part of your daily food.Eat 5 to 6 almonds a day to enhance your immunity. Eat them raw or eat them toasted. During summers they should be eaten after soaking them overnight. It is better to remove its skin and then taken.

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C For Low Immunity

All the citrus fruits contain vitamin C which our body needs to fulfil its demands for antioxidants. When vitamin C enters the bloodstream, it plays a role to improve the functioning of white blood cells.The white blood cells thereby start functioning quickly to fix infections of the body. In addition to citrus fruits, guava also contains vitamin C. Thus this tropical humbler fruit enjoys a special place in immunity disorders treatment.

Yellow Fruits And Vegetables 

The fruits and vegetables like papaya, pumpkin, and carrots contain beta carotene. Beta carotene has immune-protective action; hence it helps in fighting the infections. All those fruits and vegetables that are yellow in colour contain beta carotene. There have been many studies that indicate the efficacy of these foods.

Yellow Fruits And Vegetables For Low Immunity


Stress may shrink your thymus gland, which can spoil your health completely. Stress is a major culprit for diseases; most of them can be prevented if one can manage one’s stress. Exercise is an excellent way of stress reduction. It is the cheapest and easiest too, one has to just motivate oneself to get into some exercise routine.

Exercise For Low Immunity

Meditate for Low Immunity

Mediation has always been acknowledged to be a therapeutic agent as a stress buster. It is not difficult to practice meditation. The easiest and very effective way to meditate is to sit calmly with eyes closed. You may sit on a chair or on a cushion kept on floor or maybe in your bed.Your posture should be comfortable. Now close your eyes and breathe normally. Just watch your nostrils as you inhale the air and exhale. You may adopt any other way of meditation as it suits you. Meditation keeps you grounded and cantered. It wards off unnecessary thoughts that cause immense tension.

Meditate For Low Immunity


Zinc is one such micronutrient which allows the white blood cells to function well. White blood cells are the natural defence mechanisms our body. The best way to consume zinc is to include it in your diet. Eat crabs, red meats and oysters; however the vegetarians can get zinc from cereals, fortified foods and beans.

Red Meats For Low Immunity

Green Leafy Vegetables

The green leafy vegetables are a must for every dining table. Keep them out of diet and invite health troubles arising out of low levels of immunity. Folic acid is the micronutrient that is found in green leafy vegetables. We have seen the doctors prescribing folic acid to pregnant women. The lactating mothers also need added amounts of folic acid in their diet, which is why the supplements in the form of tablets are a must for the pregnant and the lactating. Folic acid is given for increasing their immunity. Therefore, it is best to include greens, the natural sources of folic acid. You can eat spinach and other locally available green vegetables.

Green Leafy Vegetables For Low Immunity

Eat Yogurt

Yogurt contains probiotics which are great for digestion .Yogurt is one of the best foods to improve immunity levels. Those who consume some amount of yogurt or curd regularly are able to fight their infections off faster than those who do not eat it.

Green tea for low immunity Polyphenols like catechins are type of antioxidants which are found in abundance in green tea. They are known to take care of flu and cold. The best way to have green tea is by omitting milk out of the recipe. Milk disrupts the anti oxidant property by binding itself to catechins. The best way to consume this tea is by adding some lime and honey.

Yogurt For Low Immunity


Massage not only tones up your muscles, but also boosts the levels of your immune system up. It not only gives a general feeling of well being but also manages your stress. Our lymph system is responsible for immunity of our body.  Massage stimulates your lymph system, which enhances immunity.

Massage For Low Immunity