5 Home Remedies For Infertility Disorders


Infertility is a problem in which women find it difficult to become pregnant and give birth to children even when they are having unprotected sex and trying to conceive for one year. Infertility can be due to many reasons and problems in female as well as male partner. Women who are facing the problem of infertility can take help of safe therapies of solving the problem. The main reasons of male infertility are abnormal sperm production, defective sperm delivery and environmental factors.

Infertility Disorders

The main reasons of female infertility are uterine abnormalities, ovulation disorders, blockage of fallopian tube, endometriosis, ovarian insufficiency and pelvic adhesions. Thyroid problems, cancer treatment, amenorrhea, kidney disease and use of medicines can also cause female infertility. People who have infertility problem should use home remedies for curing the condition. The best home remedies for infertility disorders are as follows.

Home Remedies For Infertility Disorders

Banyan Tree Root

Banyan tree roots can help in curing female infertility. Dry the banyan roots in a shaded area and grind it so that you get its powder. Mix 20 grams of banyan root powder in 100 ml milk and drink at night before sleeping.Do this remedy for 3 days after the periods finishes.

After taking banyan root powder, avoid taking any other type of food for some time after it. Do this remedy until you conceive.

Banyan Tree Root


Dates are a very good fruit for curing infertility. It also cures constipation. Dates contain high amount of Vitamin A and B. It also contains Vitamin E, iron as well as minerals. These nutrients help women in getting pregnant.Avoid dates that have carbohydrates and fat.

Choose the dates after checking its nutrition content. The dates that are found in Saudi Arabia are the best dates for curing infertility. These dates are dark, sweet and rich in nutrients.


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Do Fasting

If the fertility is due to toxins, fasting is the best way to cure it. Do the fast for 2-3 days regularly two times in a week. It has been found that women who did not have children for 3-5 years were able to get children with fasting. Fasting eliminates the toxins present in the body, thus curing infertility.

Drink Filtered Water

If you want to prevent infertility, you should drink only filtered water. Avoid the unfiltered water taken directly from the tap. The tap water contains high amount of harmful substances like industrial wastes, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. The tap water contains pharmaceutical drugs.

The toilet water is channeled into lakes and rivers, where it gets treated and filtered, and the same water then goes back into the water supply system. Filter the water two times before using in kitchen and for bathing. If you use the unfiltered water in shower, you can inhale the steam of water that contains chemicals and these chemicals are absorbed in the skin, causing great harm.

Filtered Water

Avoid Cow’s Milk and Cheese

If you want to prevent fertility, you should avoid foods that contain animal derived estrogens. Dairy products are the most common source of estrogens. Most women drink cow’s milk during pregnancy. Cow’s milk contains many harmful hormones like oxytocin, prolactin and melatonin.It contains estrogens, growth hormone, insulin, thyroid stimulating hormone and many others.

Consumption of these hormones in milk causes disturbance in hormonal balance, which causes infertility. You should also avoid cheese as it contains pesticides, which can cause infertility.


Avoid Coffee

If you want to increase fertility, you should avoid coffee. Drinking one-cup coffee every day can decrease the chances of conceiving by 55 percent. Two to three cups coffee daily decreases the chance of conceiving by hundred percent. Coffee also increases the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.