5 Home Remedies For Chest Mucus


Home Remedies For Chest Mucus

Chest congestion is a condition in which mucus and phlegm is deposited in the chest, air passages and lungs, which makes breathing difficult. It leads to an unpleasant condition that causes a lot of discomfort. Deposition of mucus can cause serious problems like pneumonia and bronchitis.

It is important to loosen and expel the mucus so that the condition does not worsen. Chest mucus can cause respiratory problems. Take steps to expel mucus from the chest. Home remedies can help in treating chest mucus. The best home remedies for chest mucus are as follows.

Home Remedies For Chest Mucus

Steam Inhalation

Steam Inhalation To Reduce Chest Mucus

Steam inhalation helps in soothing and opening the air passages. It helps in expelling the mucus from chest and lungs. You can use a vaporizer or inhale steam while having shower with hot water. You can inhale steam arising from boiling water. For this, fill a pot or vessel with boiling water. Wrap a towel around the head and cover it. Bend over the vessels so that your face is above the water. Inhale the steam arising from the water. Take slow and deep breaths. Avoid going too near the boiling water or the steam can burn the skin of face.

Hot Packs

Hot Packs To Reduce Chest Mucus

You must use hot packs for expelling mucus deposited in the air passages. Place a hot pack on the throat. You can place the pack on chest also. You can also use steaming hot cloth. Dip cloth in hot water. Squeeze the cloth to remove extra water and place the cloth on chest as well as throat. This will help in curing chest congestion and it will apply external heat on the air passages. External application of heat helps in removing the mucus.

Tea Infusions

Lemon Tea To Reduce Chest Mucus

If you have mucus and chest congestion, you should drink hot tea with honey infusion. Honey helps in curing pain caused by sore throat. You can also drink tea infused with lemon juice. Lemon juice breaks the mucus and makes it loose, which helps in opening the air passages. You can squeeze lemon juice in hot water. You can dip tea bags in hot water. Steep the tea and add honey to it. Drinking this tea will help in expelling mucus.

Basil Leaves And Ginger

Add basil leaves, crushed ginger and black pepper powder in water and boil it. Let the solution simmer for some time. Let the solution reduce to half of the original amount. It will take five minutes or a little more time for this. Mix little honey to the solution. Take one tablespoon of this liquid four times daily. This remedy will help in expelling mucus.

Ginger To Reduce Chest Mucus

Essential Oils

Use essential oils to expel mucus from chest, lungs and air passages. Essential oils have antibacterial properties. Add the essential oil to vaporizers and humidifier. You can also add the essential oils to aroma lamps. If you have chest congestion due to bacterial infection, you should use eucalyptus essential oil as it kills the bacteria responsible for the congestion.

Some other useful essential oils for curing congestion and expelling mucus are peppermint, pine and lavender oils. Pine oil is an expectorant, which helps in loosening the phlegm deposited in the bronchial tubes. You can also inhale steam from boiling water to which essential oil has been added. You can boil the eucalyptus leaves in water and inhale its steam. This remedy will help in opening the air passages and easing the breathing.

Eucalyptus Oil To Reduce Chest Mucus