11 Home Remedies For Allergies and Sinus


An allergy is reaction of our bodies towards foreign particles which is harmless to others. We get allergic to certain particles because our immune system has been compromised in fighting those particles.
11 Home Remedies For Allergies and Sinus

The reasons can be many such as genes inherited, weakening of body due to disease, lack of nutrients in our body, lack of exercise, improper lifestyle, pollution or stress. A runny nose, stuffed sinus, cough, sneezing, itching, confusion, headaches, nausea, muscle pains, sudden drop of energy can all be symptoms of allergy. The most common are sneezing, runny nose and stuffed sinus.

The best way of eliminating allergy is to develop your immune system so strong that no particles can give you an allergy. This will happen gradually over a period of time. Meanwhile, there are home remedies that will not only provide you relief from allergic reactions but also cure you of allergic and sinus problems.

Effective Home Remedies For Allergies and Sinus

Identify The Culprit

Try to identify the object that causes allergy and avoid it at all costs. Sometimes when it is not possible to identify the source then treat it as per symptoms. At times, when it is not possible to avoid the cause, take ample protection so that your exposure to it is minimized. Limited exposure to it may make your body immune to it.

Dust And Air Pollution

With air pollution and very fine particles of dust floating in air is bound to give breathing problems. Use a mask when you go out in dusty areas. In cars keep the air conditioner on and all the windows rolled up. Also wear a mask while cleaning your house.

Dust And Air Pollution


Mental stress also makes us susceptible to allergies. Find the cause of the stress and decrease it, you will also be alleviating your allergy.


Change In Temperature

Avoid sudden change in temperatures; sudden change does not give the body ample time to adapt to new conditions. During this transition period our body defense becomes weak and the allergens strike. Avoid going in and out of artificially cooled rooms; do not drink very cold beverages when you are hot and perspiring.

Cold Beverages

Inhale Steam

When you have a runny or stuffed nose or your sinus are jammed, inhale steam. The warm water vapors will kill the microorganisms in your nasal passage, make breathing easier and ease the pain of the sinus.

Eucalyptus oil can also be added to water. Eucalyptus oil is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.


Water Neti

This is an ayurvedic treatment for sinus problems. If done properly and regularly, you can be rest assured that you will never have any sinus problems. Get a NETI kettle; this is a special type of kettle easily available in all ayurvedic medical shops. Fill it with filtered and clean lukewarm water; add half a teaspoon of salt. Test the water temperature by pouring it on back of your hand, if you can withstand the heat, the temperature is okay or let it cool to bearable temperature.

Stand straight, tilt your head to an angle of forty five degrees towards left, insert the nozzle of the kettle in the right nostril and let the water flow. Breathe through your mouth; water will start flowing through your left nostril. The water will flush out all the dust particles lodged in your nasal passage and sinus cavity.

It also soften and lodge out any mucous that has hardened. Then do the same process with water in through left nostril and out through right nostril. Do twice; when complete bend forward and forcefully exhale through your nose. This will get rid of any residual water left in the nasal canal. It is advisable to do neti every day till sinus blockage is cleared and after that every fifteen days. You will never have sinus again.

neti pot

Hot Water Bath

Whenever you get a feeling that you have been exposed to pollutants and you may get an allergic attack; have a hot water bath. Hot water bath will not only clear all the allergens but also give you a nice and stress free sleep.

Hot Water Bath

Echinacea Tea

Echinacea tea is helpful in curing running noses and cold. Echinacea has chemical properties that is anti-inflammatory and cures colds.

It also mends our immune system and prevents from further allergic attacks. A cup a day of Echinacea tea is enough for a strong immune system.


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Regular Exercise & Balanced Diet

A balanced diet and regular exercise makes our immune system stronger. With a stronger immune system, chances of having an allergic attack are very less. Exercise for at least twenty minutes per day. Eat healthy and make sure that you take all the recommended nutrients daily in adequate quantity.


Allergic Proof House

Make your house allergic proof. If you have carpet in your house, sell it or throw it out. Carpets are dust magnets and a wholesale breeding ground for dust mites. Keep your floors bare; mites cannot live and breed on polished surface. If covering for floor is necessary, then go for floor rugs and wash the rugs in hot water on regular basis. Try to replace your velvet sofa covers with leather or artificial leather.

Velvet absorbs dust and may become cause of allergy. If you have pets then bathe them regularly in warm water and always clean your hand with antiseptic solution whenever you touch them. Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner and clean your house and car on regular basis. Always air your packed clothes before wearing them. If you live in humid climatic region then dehumidify your house on regular basis; the allergens require moisture for breeding.

Allergic Proof House with vaccum cleaner

Mustard And Mustard Oil

Mustard is used since ages for curing colds, asthma and respiratory problems. A sandwich with horseradish and mustard will open your blocked sinus in seconds; don’t take too much of it or it will burn your throat tissues. Inhaling mustard oil vapor alleviates sinus problem and opens the nasal passage.

Just rub few drops of pure mustard oil below your nostril and have a peaceful night’s sleep. Rubbing warm mustard oil on chest decongests chest lungs blockages.

Take precautions, lead a healthy life, follow the suggestions mentioned and you never have allergy and sinus problem again.

Mustard Oil