7 Herbal Remedies To Get You Rid Of Stress


Herbal Remedies To Get You Rid Of Stress Even though the word ‘stress’ has been in use for long, it has still got an air of mystery around it. Medical experts have still not been able to classify stress as either a cause or an effect or as something that connects the cause and the effect.Stress has been largely described as a negative state of mind that leads to development and nurturing of negative emotions which have an extremely undesirable effect on the mental and physical well-being. Since humans are one of the most complex living organisms, stress exudes characteristics that are distinct to both cause and effect.

While experts of medical community are still puzzled over stress and an extensive research is being carried out to fight this condition and develop treatment to provide the desired relief to the patients, we present to you some herbal remedies that will surely get you rid of this negative condition and will provide relief to you both mentally and physically.

Remedies For Curing Stress


Kava For Stress Relief Kava is an excellent herb that is largely known for its effective potential in curing adverse conditions such as nervous disorder, stress, depression and insomnia. Its effects on stress have been well admired by many herbalists. It triggers anxiolytic activity among the stress bearers and enhances the level of neurotransmitter in the nervous system that affects the neurons and controls the messages transferring between the neurons.

Kava’s positive effects against stress can be entirely attributed to the special chemical components present inside it that specifically enhance levels of concentration and awareness in the human brain apart from relaxing the tensed muscles and decreasing body convulsions. However if you are suffering from a liver related problem, it is strongly recommended that you take the advice of your doctor before adopting Kava as a medicine. Kava can also be used as Valium’s alternative but again you need to consult your doctor for the same.


Thyme For Stress Relief Thyme is one of the most prominent herbal remedies whenever it comes to curing panic attacks and stress. It is highly efficient if you want to bid a happy goodbye to all the symptoms of stress and enjoy salubrious health. It provides excellent relief from symptoms such as restlessness, fear and anxiety. It has got such impressive anti-septic properties that it is not only adept in curing external physical wounds but also cures the disorders that might be disturbing your mental health. It cures one’s stress within just a few minutes of its consumption and application.

Thyme oil is highly recommended by all renowned herbalists and its application is strongly effective and provides most desired relief against stress.


Catnip For Stress Relief Another great herbal remedy that you might want to consider in case you or any of your loved ones is suffering from stress is catnip. It works on stress by rejuvenating the activities of the brain and refreshing the areas of the brain that work on negative emotions and neutralise them. The anti-stress activities of catnip can be attributed to a special chemical inside it that specifically generates a calming effect on the brain and relieves stress.

Its major componentnepetalactone is responsible for creating a calming effect and acts as an effective relaxant. Not just stress, Catnip can also be effectively used to treat other painful conditions such as stomach cramps, spams and feeling of irritation that often complement stress. However it’s strongly advised that one consults a specialist before taking catnip as a medication. The specialist should also be consulted to regulate the dosage.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower For Stress Relief Passion flower is another great herb that helps treating various conditions be it stress, panic attacks, asthma, high blood pressure, menopause symptoms, nervousness, excitability, hysteria, irregular heat rate and fibromyalgia. It greatly reduces the level of stress in the patients and exudes a calming effect on the brain and body.

Its soothing effect is most noted for counteracting stress, fear, anxiety and nervousness. It works by increasing the level of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) inside the body. GABA produces a soothing effect on the neurons and thus makes them calm down. However as advised in case of all herbal remedies, it is strongly advised that you consult a specialist to regulate the dosage of passion flower.


When it comes to treating stress using herbs, Chamomile surely deserves a mention. It treats stress and its symptoms both in mind and stomach. The major problem related to stress is reduced appetite which is often a result of fear and anxiety that constitute stress. Chamomile is an excellent remedy as it increases the appetite by calming the brain and removing fear and anxiety.The best part is that unlike many other herbal remedies, chamomile is available in various forms such as extracts, tea, tinctures, capsules and topical creams.

If you choose to take chamomile in the form of capsules, then you should consume 400 mg-1600mg capsules daily whereas if you wish to take it in the form of tea, then consume 1-4 cups daily and further if you wish to take it in the form of liquid extract, then consume 1-4 ml daily three times.

Chamomile For Stress Relief Fennel

Another helpful herbal remedy that can help you if you are suffering from stress, Fennel fights all symptoms of stress and provides the most desirable relief. So be it asthma, indigestion and nervous coughing, you can safely bid goodbye to all these by consuming Fennel. It is advised that you consume it in the form of tea for best results. It treats both gastrointestinal problems and abdominal tension that are the results of stress in stomach.

Fennel For Stress Relief Motherwort

Pregnant women often suffer from stress and depression since it’s a highly sensitive and crucial stage in their lives. Strongly advised to pregnant women, it provides great relief to the to-be mothers and makes them feel calm and relaxed. Also stress in women often causes menstrual disorders and motherwort is efficient in treating the menstrual disorders. It improves blood circulation and produces a calming effect on the body. It also counteracts increased heart rate and decreased blood pressure that instigate stress.

Motherwort For Stress Relief