5 Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss


Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss

Weight loss industry is really big these days because so many people have realized the importance of looking good but more importantly of living a healthy life. In order to lose weight quickly some resort to drastic measures like starvation diets, fad diets and even surgeries.

Before you think of taking an extreme step in order to lose weight check out some of the herbs that can help you lose weight quickly and naturally. The herbs will not only help with weight loss but also keep you from piling on the lost pounds.

Best Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss


Ginger For Weight Loss

Ginger has long been used for treating various medical disorders and studies have concluded that the herb can be used for successfully losing weight as well. The antioxidants present in ginger are known to eliminate the harmful free radicals from the body that are responsible for all the toxic fat accumulation. Ginger also aids in better digestion of food, which keeps your metabolism revved up and helps in faster burning of fat. Consume up to 5 grams of raw ginger every day to blast away those pounds.

Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange For Weight Loss

Bitter orange is a native of Africa and contains active compounds that are known to speed up the metabolic rate of the body. The extract of bitter orange are used in many weight loss pills in combination with others herbs and chemicals.

However, the herb can be safely used on its own for weight loss purpose. Many people prefer consuming the herb in its dried and peeled form though its fruit can be consumed fresh and raw as well. Herbalists believe that 20-45 mg of bitter orange, when taken daily, will improve metabolic activity in the body.


Licorice For Weight Loss

Licorice extract has been known to help with weight loss as it lowers the body fat mass by giving boost to a sluggish metabolism. The herb is available as a pill for weight loss purposes and the recommended dosage is 380 mg taken thrice a day for 3-4 months. The capsules should be taken 20 minutes before meals since the herb helps suppress the appetite to some extent.

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Green Tea

We all know the amazing effects green tea has on all the unwanted fat accumulated in the body. Green tea gives your metabolism the much required kick, cleans up the body of all the toxins and free radicals and gives you energy all day long. Drinking 4-5 cups of green tea will suppress your appetite and drastically lower the percentage of fat absorbed by the body. Consume at least 750-800 mg of green tea extract every day for weight loss.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii is an herbal supplement that is popularly used for helping with weight loss. In fact, many doctors also prescribe hoodia to their patients who want a kick start for their weight loss regime. Taking hoodia supplements helps the body burn its fatty deposits while also providing you with much energy to carry on your day-to-day activities. It is also a great appetite suppressant as it blocks the receptors that send the brain signals of hunger. Hoodia can be ordered online and taken as per the directions on the bottle.

Hoodia Gordonii For Weight Loss