5 Herbal Remedies For Viral Infections


Herbal Remedies For Viral Infections In general, terms viral infections are those infections that occur due to viruses. Viruses are very small micro organism that spreads due to some specific conditions and lead to body infections. Various types of viral infections can occur in human body like viral skin infections such as measles and warts, oral infections such as cold & flu and influenza and other viral infections like dengue, hepatitis and many others. Different types of viruses are the main reason for viral infections along with other reasons like environmental pollution, too much cold or heat, some chronic disease, transmitted from other affected person, weak immune system are some of them.Viral infections can be identified by various symptoms like fever, cold, cough, irritation, itching and rashes on the body. Additionally different types of viral infections have symptoms relative to that particular viral infection nature. Viral infections can be treated with antibiotic medicines and other suggested treatments. However, severe viral infections need proper medical attention for treatment. Herbal remedies are also effective in viral infections but it is better to consult your doctor before using them.

Herbal Remedies For Viral Infections


Garlic To Reduce Viral Infections

Wonderful herbal remedy garlic can be used in almost all types of infections and other minor health problems. Garlic contains a number of medicinal properties like antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti allergic along with other useful contents like magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins. Antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic, helps in viral infection treatment. Garlic can be used in many ways but for skin viral infections use meshed garlic clove with honey to make paste and apply directly to the infected area. While in oral infections you can drink garlic added tea or consume raw garlic cloves or with honey. It will definitely help you in viral infections.


Ginger To Reduce Viral Infections

Ginger is another useful herbal remedy for treatment of various health problems. Ginger can be used in viral infections because of its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger contains antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti allergic properties along with various other useful contents. Ginger also acts as immune system enhancer for our body and cleans the stomach. You can use ginger in many ways like adding in food preparation, eating raw, ginger tea and juice too. Ginger tea will help you in oral infections while applying ginger and honey paste or ginger and vinegar paste will be effective for skin infections.


Turmeric To Reduce Viral Infections

During the older times, people used turmeric for curing various types of health problems. Turmeric is still relevant for treatment of various viral and bacterial infections. Medicinal properties of turmeric include antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and antioxidant properties along with other useful contents. Using turmeric in viral infections is an effective way. In case of viral infections of skin apply turmeric with honey to the affected area or use turmeric with apple cider vinegar paste to apply on the affected skin area. Drinking turmeric with warm milk 2 times daily will help in respiratory & oral viral infections.

Holy Basil

Holy basil is widely used herbal remedy for various health problems including viral infections. People often use basil as a home plant for adding in different food preparations. Basil has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti allergic and antibiotic properties suitable for multi purpose use. In skin, infections apply basil leaves extract with honey into the affected area while basil tea added with black pepper & salt will be useful in oral infections. Its oil is also useful for aromatherapy & massaging.

Holy Basil To Reduce Viral Infections


Echinacea is a very useful herb suitable for various viral or bacterial infections along with other medicinal use. Echinacea has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti allergic properties. For using Echinacea, you can make tea or can consume with honey or lemon juice. Echinacea capsules for taking orally or Echinacea oil for inhaling or massaging is other method of using Echinacea.

Echinacea Reduce Viral Infections