7 Herbal Remedies For Lupus


Herbal Remedies For Lupus Lupus is an autoimmune disorder and is famous for triggering off major health problems. It’s a chronic state of the body where the tissues of the body are attacked by the immune system itself. This problem normally ends up causing permanent damage to the effected organ system in the body.

The symptoms of the disease show up as fever, joint aches, extreme tiredness, and arthritis, anemia and skin rashes. In the body when the symptoms take a back seat and disappear for a little while, it is called remission.

Effective Herbal Remedies For Lupus


Bupleurum For Lupus The main symptom of Lupus is inflammation and we have to look for those herbs that are anti inflammatory in nature. One of these is a Chinese herb called Bupleurum. Its anti inflammatory properties help in reducing the swelling to a great extent.

Curcumin  Bromelain

Curcumin Bromelain For Lupus There are some other common herbs available in our kitchen larder which can be very helpful in treating inflammation in the body. One can make use of bromelain, an enzyme from pineapple and curcumin, a turmeric extract, for reducing the swelling. The turmeric can be taken mixed in water and pineapple eaten to get the benefit of bromelain.

Green Tea

Green Tea For Lupus Immense benefits of green tea have been listed. A glassful contributes in triggering the reaction of a sluggish immune system, reducing weight etc. If a person with lupus has green tea every day in the morning they may get relief from lupus.

Cordyceps Mushroom

Many studies have been carried out on artemisinin and Cordyceos sinensis and they reveal that this helps in the relapse of lupus nephritis. Cordyceps mushroom can be directly added to our daily meals and dishes just like we do in our routines. A recent study showed the

Cordyceps Mushroom For Lupus Yucca

Yucca has its origin in the forests of Mexico, where it has been used for treating Lupus for ages. This herb is a rich source of ployphenolics and Saponins that directly work on joint pains associated with inflammation. Plus the Herb has been used in treating Arthritis. It can be consumed in tea form once a day. Capsules have also started to roll out.

Yucca For Lupus Swedish Bitters

Though it is not confirmed but the old wives tales confirm that having Swedish bitters at meal times with the meals helps increase the production of hydrochloric acid. One can also consume other useful herbs like golden seal, pau d`arco, Echinacea and red clover.

Swedish Bitters For Lupus Ginger And Turmeric

Not many studies have been directly done on the benefits of turmeric and ginger but these two have anti inflammatory properties. The arthritic symptoms that are commonly seen in lupus patients can be helped a little by turmeric and ginger. The turmeric can be taken with ginger juice for maximum benefit.

Plus Lipoic acid, a turmeric root is a help in lupus nephritis and can be safely taken 2-3 times in one week. Besides, the foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils can be very helpful for lupus patients. It is very beneficial to consume fish like sardine and halibut packed in tomato sauce and mustard paste. Don’t remember to bask in the glory of some warm radiant sunshine for some healthy Vitamin D.

Ginger And Turmeric For Lupus