Herbal Remedies For Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Heavy bleeding during menstruation is a common problem among women but unfortunately not all seek treatment for it. Loss of enormous amounts of blood can lead to anemia as well as other health related issues including fatigue and dizziness.

It is important to treat the heavy menstrual bleeding or it can cause severe hemorrhage and other complications. There are some medicinal herbs that can regulate the flow of blood during periods and also treat the cause for the same. Check with your health adviser about the use of these herbs before taking the treatment.

Best Herbal Remedies For Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Shepherd’s Purse

Shepherd's Purse Reduce Menstrual Bleeding

Shepherd’s purse is an excellent medicinal herb that has been successfully used for reversing signs and symptoms of miscarriage during early pregnancy. It is also used in the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage and any other disorder that can result in large amounts of blood from the uterus.

It helps regulate the menstrual flow by slowing down the flow of blood to the uterus and by reducing the frequency of muscular spasms of the uterus. The herb is used as a vegetable in some parts of China because of its medicinal properties and can be consumed as part of stir-fried vegetables as well. Check with your doctor as to the quantity in which the herb should be consumed.


Chasteberry Reduce Menstrual Bleeding

Chasteberry is popularly called as vitex or monk’s pepper in some parts of the world and is used primarily for maintaining hormonal balance in a woman’s body. It is used for regulating flow of blood during periods as well as to relieve the painful symptoms associated with the condition.

Women suffering from excessive menstrual bleeding should take vitex supplements every day to maintain a proper balance of hormones. However, the supplements should not be used in case one is on birth control pills or on hormone replacement therapy. The supplement can interfere with the performance of the prescribed medications.

Cramp Bark

Cramp Bark Reduce Menstrual Bleeding

As the name suggests, the herb is used for easing cramping caused by muscular spasms. The herb is also useful for controlling the flow of blood during periods in women as it helps slow down the frequency of uterine contractions. In many cases the cramp bark supplements have been used for treating miscarriage as well as for controlling blood loss post partum. Take 3-4 mg of dried cramp bark daily during periods in either tincture or extract form.

Beth Root Stock

Beth root stock was used during ancient times to treat bleeding due to hemorrhoids because of its ability to slow down the loss of blood. It is also used for regulating blood loss during menstruation because it eases uterine contractions and helps in blood coagulation. However, supplements of the beth root stock should be taken only under medical supervision since the herb has side effects that include nausea and intestinal irritation.

Beth Root Stock Reduce Menstrual Bleeding

Black Cohosh

A popular herb for balancing hormonal levels in a woman’s body, black cohosh can ease heavy menstrual flow as well. It is also used for treating menstrual symptoms such as breast tenderness, dizziness, hot flashes and nausea. Drink 2-3 cups of black cohosh tea daily during menstruation to control the loss of blood.

Black Cohosh Reduce Menstrual Bleeding