5 Herbal Remedies For Cholesterol


Herbal Remedies For Cholesterol

It is important to maintain normal levels of cholesterol in the body if you wish to live a healthy and fulfilling life. High cholesterol levels bring with it many other forms of high risk diseases as well like strokes, heart attacks and blocked arteries.

Hence, it becomes important to maintain the right level of cholesterol at all times and this can be done by making modifications in your diet as well as lifestyle. There are some excellent medicinal herbs that can also help you achieve healthy levels of cholesterol.

Best Herbal Remedies For Cholesterol


Gugulipid To Control Cholesterol

Gugulipid is an extract of the mukul tree that is found growing in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is a popular herbal extract that is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for treating elevated cholesterol levels. Gugulipid contains active ingredients that help bring down the levels of E and Z guggulsterone, both of which are steroids responsible for rise in cholesterol. The extract is available in pill form and should be used as per the doctor’s advice.


Curcumin To Control Cholesterol

Curcumin is an extract taken from the herb turmeric because of the many medicinal effects it has on various medical conditions. This active ingredient is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic in nature and is used for treating pain, indigestion and fatigue. It also helps in lowering cholesterol level by converting the extra cholesterol into bile acid, which is immediately and easily eliminated by the body.

Begin with low dosage of curcumin supplement and then slowly increase the quantity of the doses to treat high cholesterol. Check with your doctor to know the correct dose. The herbal supplement is not recommended for pregnant women who may be suffering from pregnancy induced high cholesterol.

Artichoke Leaf

Artichoke Leaf To Control Cholesterol

Artichoke leaf extract comprises of two active ingredients that can help lower cholesterol levels according to medical studies. The two compounds, cybarin and cholorgenic acid prevent toxicity of the liver and help stimulate the production of bile in the liver.They then help with smooth transfer of bile form the liver to the gall bladder from where it is eliminated from the body via natural process. Cholrogenic acid has added medical benefits as well since it is an antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory in nature.

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Garlic To Control Cholesterol

The root of garlic is a popular food seasoning that has medicinal properties as well. Many medical studies have revealed the beneficial effects that garlic and its supplements have on the cardiovascular system.

The herb is good for treating a variety of heart related problems including high cholesterol. It is a rich source of antioxidants that effectively lower cholesterol levels in the body by eliminating the toxic free radicals from the body and lowering the cholesterol to a healthy level. Consume three tablespoons of raw garlic daily to treat high cholesterol.


Ginger To Control Cholesterol

Ginger is again a root that is used as a spice for flavoring dishes. It is also known for its medicinal effects and is used for treating indigestion and inflammation.Ginger has also been found to have positive effects on high cholesterol levels as it helps in excretion of the harmful fats responsible for increase in cholesterol level. Consume 10 mg of raw ginger daily to lower cholesterol.

5 Herbal Remedies For Cholesterol