7 Herbal Remedies For Bad Breath


Many people suffer from the ill effects of bad breath, which makes many a head turn against them. This creates an embarrassing situation leading to a low confidence level.Also most of the people who have had breath might be unaware of it or will not reveal about it to others. Early detection and management of the defect with herbal remedies will help to regain good oral health and general wellness.

7 Popular Herbs To Fight Bad Breath

Alf alfa

Alf Alfa Reduce Bad Breath

Alfalfa known to be a rich source of chlorophyll is widely used in treating bad breath. Chlorophyll helps to clean the blood system as well as to keep the colon healthy.The deep root system of the plant absorbs the much needed vitamins and nutrients from the soil which is important for a health body functioning, thereby preventing bad breath. Herbal extracts from the leaf is used treat bad breath.


Myrrh Reduce Bad Breath

A remedy for bad breath known since very ancient times, Myrrh has both astringent and anti microbial properties that will take care of dental infections.This also helps in strengthening of the gum. Tea or tincture made from the dried resin of the bark of the tree is used for direct application by massage or by gargling.


Parsley To Reduce Bad Breath

The deep green colour of parsley itself is an indicator of the high content of chlorophyll in the sprigs, which is helpful in keeping bad breath at bay.Chlorophyll due to its anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties cleanses the blood eliminating the toxic pollutants from the body. Chew a few sprigs of parsley to keep bad breath away and stay healthy.


Peppermint Reduce Bad Breath

Apart from its minty aroma and cooling sensation, peppermint has some essential oils that do wonder for treating bad breath. The herb has anti bacterial as well as antifungal properties that make it a perfect oral deodorant.Chew a few leaves of the herb and say goodbye to bad breath. As the herb is a good source of potassium, this also helps in maintaining the proper acid-alkali balance in the mouth, to avoid bad breath.


This queen of spices has been used as a remedy for bad breath since ancient times. The volatile oil present in the pod of the plant gives a pleasant smell. Hence chewing of the pod is recommended to keep bad breath away.

Cardamom To Reduce Bad Breath


This fruit finds immense use in home remedy against bad breath. The fruit as a whole including the rind has anti bacterial properties and contain phytonutrients.This and the high content of vitamin C makes it a good remedy to fight against bacterial action in the mouth as well as cleansing the digestive tract and stomach, thus preventing bad breath.

Pomegranate To Reduce Bad Breath


Fennel seeds are known to aid the digestion process and thus help to maintain a healthy digestive system, thereby avoiding problems of bad breath. Also the oil present in the fennel seeds imparts a pleasant smell to the mouth. Either chewing few seeds as a whole or gargling with fennel tea is done to fight bad breath.

Fennel Seeds To Reduce Bad Breath