5 Helpful Massage Techniques For Cramps


Massage Techniques For Cramps Cramps are also known as muscles spasms and there are various other names given to cramps but the main factor is that cramps can be very painful and unbearable. Cramps can occur anytime and in any person no matter whether the person is an athlete or not. Even common people experience muscle cramps that can be treated by practicing certain exercises that need to be vigorous.Cramps usually occur because of the overworking of the tissues of the muscles that bring about an involuntary contraction of the muscles. Apart from exercises, there are various other alternatives that can be used in getting relief from cramps. There are some helpful massage techniques for cramps that can always be tried out.

Helpful Massage Techniques For Cramps

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger Point Massage For Cramps Muscle cramps can be treated very effectively by the use of trigger point massage that can be done by making use of the fingers, the knobble or thera cane. This massage can be done either by lying or sitting on a bed or a chair. In this massage technique, the area where the cramps appear needs to be moved up and down starting from the back to the front. This is a massage technique that helps in finding out the tender spot that hurts and forms cramps. Short strokes are used on the tender spots to loosen them and this helps in regulating the flow of blood.

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Soleus And Gastrocnemius Massage

Soleus And Gastrocnemius Massage For Cramps This massage technique is for the cramps that appear in the muscles of the back and is considered to be the safest of all the massage techniques for cramps. This technique does not involve any kind of stretching because stretching can tear the fibers of the muscles. This massage is considered to be the symptomatic treatment that is given for muscle cramps where the underlying causes of cramps are treated.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage For Cramps Therapeutic massage is considered to be one of the most wonderful massages that energizes the joints and muscles and avoids any kind of cramps. This is one massage technique that can be used in getting rid of muscle cramps because it ensures proper flow of blood within the body and also ensures that the body gets good sleep during the night. There are various kinds of therapeutic massage techniques that can be chosen from depending upon the type of cramps that an individual might be suffering from.

Stone Massage

Stone Massage For Cramps This is one massage technique that is usually practiced in spas and massage clinics. This massage technique comprises the use of heated stones that are placed at different locations of the body so that the body and the muscles can be relieved of cramps and other such pressures. The stones are very useful as they calm and relax the joints and the muscles.

Reciprocal Inhibition Massage Technique

Inhibition Massage Technique For Cramps The reciprocal inhibition massage technique usually includes a lot of stretching in order to relax the muscles and to dissolve the cramps. This is a massage technique that should always be used under the supervision of a massage therapist because if this technique is not carried out in the proper manner, it can have adverse effects on the joints and the muscles of the body. However, the reciprocal inhibition massage is one of the most advantageous of all the massage techniques for cramps.

5 Helpful Massage Techniques For Cramps