8 Healthy Diet Tips To Tone Your Abs

8 Healthy Diet Tips To Tone Your Abs

Flabby abs are one of the major problems that obese people face. Even if you are not obese, there is a chance that you really don’t have a toned stomach. There is a difference between six pack abs and toned tummies though. For six pack abs, you need to exercise with extreme restraints on diet, but for a toned tummy, you simply need to make some sensible choices in food.

Basically you really don’t eliminate any kind of nutrient completely from your diet, but have the same in moderation too ensure that you are not gaining fat around the belly area. These also help in flushing out toxins, which in turn helps you to lose the water weight and bloating around the area.

Here Are Healthy Diet Tips To Tone Your Abs:

Drinking Lots Of Water

It is advised that one should consume at least 10-12 glasses of water on an everyday basis. Doing so will help you flush out the toxins along with reducing water retention problems. Unlike earlier myths, drinking water will not lead to water retention, rather it will reduce bloating and aid digestion. Add some honey and lime to the water in the morning. This is a quick solution to flush out toxins from the body and also aids in fat loss. Belly fat is really stubborn and takes a long time to go. But drinking this combination, especially when warm, helps to get rid of the excessive fat, without making you crave for sweets.

Drink Water

Drinking Lots Of Water

Say no to white pasta and breads and pick the healthier browns that are made from wheat, oats, corn, barely and other similar whole grains. They help in digestion, which in turn helps in burning fat faster. These are also good on healthy carbs, which prevents bloating of tummy and helps in reducing fat around the area.

Whole Grains

Salads Before Meals

It is really a very old trick, but there is no doubt that consuming a salad before eating or going out helps your stomach stay fuller. Salads are full of fibres and goodness of natural vegetables and fruits. Again, make it a point to avoid heavy weight dressing like mayonnaise or thousand island dressing. Stick to low fat ones that are quick to toss together.

Salads Before Meals

Bake Or Grill Instead Of Fried

There is a difference between soaking something in oil and lightly tossing it around with oil. You can opt for baking and grilling, which retain goodness of nutrients and also ensure that you avoid the unnecessary fats, especially in meats. Even when you are eating out, ask for grilled or baked options. All of this oil goes right to the abs.

Bake Or Grill foods

Wine Or Juice Instead Of Aerated Drinks

Canned juices are too full of sugar so don’t think that you are doing yourself a favour by avoiding aerated drinks. Rather drink fresh juices without any added sugar. If fresh ones are not available, opt for a glass of wine that is high on taste and health too. You can also have sparkling water or even a sugar-free energy drink instead.

Fruit Juice

Eat Rice In Moderation

Do not avoid rice totally. It has some good carbs that you need it. But don’t have buttered or greasy rice. Instead pick plain steamed rice with a bit of salt to get your share of good carbs. Rice in moderation will not cause weight gain around the tummy. Brown rice can be consumed too. You can have rice in form of flat thai noodles or even Korean rolls to add a twist to the taste.

Eat Rice In Moderation

Eat Small Quantities In Intervals

Rather than 3 heavy meals, you can have smaller meals all through the day. Basically this aids  metabolism and helps the body gets its needed nutrients, without long gaps. Ideally 6 meals are suggested, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Smaller quantities help in digestion of food at a faster pace. Remember that by eating smaller portions, you also get your favourite foods. So instead of an entire burger, have half a burger and a full plate of salad. Water based tea instead of milky coffee and cereal bar instead of a muffin are some simple snack ideas.


Make Healthy Picks When Possible

It is true that you really cannot eat healthy all the time. So if you had a heavy steak and beer last night, make it up with a lighter breakfast of cereal and fruit instead of eggs and ham or bacon. If a lunch was heavy then try to eat some fruit for dessert rather than cake or pastry. Indulging in your favourite delicacies is not a bane, just learn to strike the balance.

eat fruits

Small changes like these will help you stay toned not only around the abs, but will also ensure that you remain fit and healthy! And do exercise because toning up the muscles internally can be done via exercise only.