5 Foods To Cure Heartburn


Foods To Cure Heartburn Heart burn and acid reflux is something that you must be well-aware about. One of the major causes for the same is bad eating habits and excessive consumption of junk foods.

In simple terms if you want to know whether you are suffering from heart burn, then a burning feeling in the stomach and chest area is one of the symptoms to can connect to. It can also be accompanied by a little pain. As a major cause of discomfort and one of the health ailments it is best recommended to cure the problem as soon as possible.

Now along with various medications, you have loads of home remedies as a solution. These are definitely safe and effective, but so is a proper diet chart. Since unhealthy eating is one of the reasons that lead to heartburn, you firstly need to bring a drastic change in the day to day meals and food items. This will not only prevent but also help in improving the condition if you face it regularly. Here is an uncomplicated food guide you can pick from-

Foods To Cure Heartburn

Fruits That Benefit

Fruits For Heartburn Relief Papaya and pineapple are two of the top most fruits that have a great role to play in reducing and curing heartburns. You can either adhere to papaya seeds or papaya tea leaves, fresh fruit or dried papaya fruit, all forms are beneficial where the burning sensation is concerned.
Pineapple again helps in curing the problem. You can either have it seasonal or buy canned ones. Small amounts of these two fruits just before any of your main meals will also prevent heartburn.
Apples and bananas are also highly preferred in such a condition. Both these fruits regulate the gastric acid by lowering the production of the same. Bananas however can be eaten either ripe or raw which is cooked as a vegetable.

Aloe Vera Wonders

Aloe Vera For Heartburn Relief Aloe Vera as we all know is a perfect natural product not only for the body but also for skin and hair care. Where heartburn is concerned, aloe Vera juice is highly recommended according to various researches.Along with excessive quantities of all kinds of minerals and vitamins it is a perfect source of anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. The acid caused in the stomach due to which heart burn prevails can be reduced instantly with concentrated Aloe Vera juice. However make sure its fresh if you want maximum benefits.

Drink Loads Of Water

drink water Water flushes out the toxins and acidic elements from the body. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water will cure heartburn quickly and easily. This happens because water dilutes the gastric acid that causes the problem.

Eat Sea Food

Sea Food For Heartburn Relief For all the non-vegetarians out there, we have some real good news for you! Sea foods considerably reduce the problems of heartburn and gastric issues. Taurine content in all of the sea products help in doing so.

Drink A Glass Of Milk

Milk For Heartburn Relief The high level of calcium in milk helps in easily curing the heartburn and giving you immediate results.These are the top foods you can eat if you find a regular problem of gas, acid reflux and heartburn.

5 Foods To Cure Heartburn