5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Tinea Versicolor


Foods To Avoid If You Have Tinea Versicolor

Have you ever heard about an infection called Tinea Versicolor? The name may sound too sweet but it is not a great infection especially for those who are suffering from this infection.

It is basically a fungal infection which is caused by excess of yeast present in a human body. There are innumerable skin conditions in this world which are not pleasant in nature and one of them is Tinea Versicolor.

If you have Tinea Versicolor, you will see spots of all shapes and discoloration of skin which will be very much visible. Everybody wishes for beautiful skin and Tinea Versicolor is one condition which nobody would ever wish for. When you have an infection like this, there are certain foods that you would need to avoid. Since there is too much of yeast present in your body, you would need to drop the following foods to improve the condition. Take a look!

5 Foods to Avoid if you have Tinea Versicolor

1. Avoid Nut

Nuts are tasty and they benefit you in a lot of ways but if you have Tinea Versicolor then you might want to skip having it. You cannot even think of having peanuts as they will harm you in a lot of ways. They contain toxic which leads to growth of mold spores. You should avoid nuts completely when you are suffering from Tinea Versicolor and that will make the condition worse.

Avoid Nut

2. Say No To Fruits

Fruits are great and contain a lot of minerals and vitamins but it does not help your skin infection. Fruits contain natural sugars called fructose which is good for health as long as you are dieting.If you have Tinea Versicolor then you should avoid fruits because they can promote yeast growth. It is advisable that you skip having fruits for at least a month.

Fruits And Vegetables

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3. No Baked Foods 

Baked food looks nice and tastes even better but it would be good to avoid it for a month. Baked foods contain a lot of yeast like fluffy cakes and muffins. Breads should be completely out of your diet if you are suffering from Tinea Versicolor. Bakers use yeast to make their dough fluffly which is not good for those who suffer from Tinea Versicolor. You can always start eating these goods once your skin condition improves but till then you can stick to non-yeast baked foods.

Baked Foods

4. No More Alcohol 

Did you know that alcohol goes through a process called fermentation? The fermentation takes place with the help of yeast which leads to infections. People who drink too much of alcohol get yeast infections very fast.If you have Tinea Versicolor, you should avoid having alcohol. Forget the exotic beers and other alcoholic drinks and stick to water for some time.

Avoid Alcohol

5. No Chocolates

Please do not even think of chocolates when you have skin conditions like Tinea Versicolor. Chocolate can make the condition worse as it has a lot of sugar in it. Your skin will get more patches and spots and will certainly not thank you for your decision of eating chocolates.


Basically you should avoid any type of food which promotes yeast growth. Stop having foods which have yeast or are fermented. Once you bring this little change in your diet, you will see excellent improvements really soon. It does not mean that you cannot have yummy foods! You can have eggs, veggies, wholegrain pasta and oatmeal. Don’t you want beautiful skin without discoloration and patches? If the answer is a ‘yes’, then do not eat the above mentioned foods because they will never let you get happy and spotless skin. Take care!