Five Effective Diets For Cold


With the advent of monsoon the outbreak of cold, cough or flu becomes common and annoying health issue at home. Common cold is one of the common health issues that everyone has gone through at least once in his/her lifetime. Cold comes along a number of symptoms as headache, cough, sneezing, runny nose, throat pain, body muscle ache or flu etc.


According to scientists the main reason for occurring cold is the invasion of more than 200 viruses in the body. While a poor immunity system also broadens the way for those viruses. Though cold is a common and minor health issue but it must be treated well as it interferes in our day to day work as well as in certain cases it can be a signal of serious health issues as bronchitis or pneumonia or thyroid problems etc.

Various Diet Tips For Cold

Proper diet has an important role in regulating entire body’s health. It provides the body a stronger immunity to fight any disease or ailment and it has been found that there are certain foods which can cure common cold problems without the consumption of bitter-taste drugs; scroll down to know them.

Opt For Vitamin C

Deficiency of adequate Vitamin C can also be the reason for catching cold frequently. So you must include foods enriched with vitamin C in your regular diet to lower down the possibilities to be infected by cold. One of the best sources of vitamin C could be orange juice.This tasty and healthy juice can be taken daily on breakfast. Apart from orange juice, other citrus fruits as grapes or tangerine can also be opt for to get the same benefits. While you can even intake other vitamin C enriched fruits as strawberries or pineapples or veggies as green peppers or potatoes etc. can help a great deal to fight cold.

orange juice

Intake Honey

Honey is known for enormous health benefits, it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds can heal many diseases including cold. It is even works great and drives away cold problems soon if start taking it at the initial stages of cold infection.This is an excellent natural way to provide your body a great deal of energy and minimizes the cold symptoms as throat pain, fever or cough. You can simply intake 1 teaspoon of honey at least three or four times a day on regular basis to eliminate cold problems.


Drink Water

Drinking adequate amount of water is an essential part of diet to treat any disease or ailment. Enough water consumption helps in proper functioning of the body, alleviates the body from the harmful toxins and also gives you a stronger immunity. Apart from water, fruit juices or hot drinks as peppermint, basil or chamomile tea can also be useful.


Sip Into Chicken Soup

One of the most delicious ways to cure your cold problem could be consuming mouthwatering chicken soup. Chicken soup contents a huge amount of anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients which provides you a stronger immunity system to combat against common cold symptoms.

Chicken Soup

Try Ginger

Though ginger is a common kitchen ingredient but due to it’s amazing healing properties it could cure countless diseases and ailments in a natural way. It is also effective on driving away cold problems.You can chew small pieces of raw ginger or you can prepare ginger tea to lower down the effects of cold. To prepare the tea take 1 cup of steaming water and steep small amount of mince ginger into it for 15 minutes. Let it to come to normal temperature and drink it twice a day.

ginger tea