Five Diet For Hair Fall Treatment


Frustrated with hair fall problem? Are hair-strands visible all over your hairbrush or pillow cover or towel? Then you must read this article. Though hair fall is a common problem face by millions of people around the world, but excess hair fall often lands you in social embarrassment and also affect your confidence level badly.

Hair Fall

Scientists say if you lose 50 to 100 hairs each day it is normal but simultaneously the growth of your hair also need to be at normal level. When you lose excess amount of hair and face hair growth problem too then it is surely a problem and it needs to be treated properly.

There can be many reasons for hair fall problem as lack of proper hair care, heredity, application of harsh and powerful chemicals and lotions, excess use of blow dryer, straightner, lack of adequate nutrients, vitamin and minerals, consumption of particular drug, too much stress etc. Many people undergo many medication treatments to cure hair fall problem, but sometimes they even proved fruitless as your hair lacks proper nourishment which can be done only by maintaining a proper diet.

Diet For Hair Fall Treatment

Here we will discuss about certain foods which you can add to your regular diet as they provide the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your hair. While on the other hand, these foods also promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and at the same time prevent further hair fall problem.

Eat Eggs

As one of the major reason for hair fall can be lack of particular vitamins or minerals, so eggs can be extremely helpful to fight this problem. Egg is loaded with high level of biotin, iron, Vitamin B12, proteins, Omega 6 fatty, zinc etc.So eating eggs can fill up the vitamin deficiency and will provide proper nourishment to your hair. You can opt for 1 egg on daily basis for at least 4 times a week.


Go For Soya Beans

Soya beans have enormous health benefits as they are enriched with good amount of zinc, iron, vitamin E etc. Moreover, soya beans also increases the haemoglobin level in the blood, which helps to transport required amount of oxygen to different parts of the body.This even helps in enhancing proper blood circulation in the body, which triggers natural growth of the hair and prevent hair fall problem. So along with good health soya beans also serve you with healthy and strong hair.

Soya Beans

Include Carrots

To control hair fall problem and generate hair growth you must need to provide right nutrition to your scalp.As carrot is the store house of vitamin A, they are extremely effective in providing proper nourishment to your scalp as well as to your eye’s health. So you must include carrot and other veggies to your regular diet.


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Try Shrimps

Another excellent way to treat hair fall problem is to opt for Shrimps. This sea food is an excellent store house for protein, along with it preserves good amount of Vitamin B12, zinc and iron which helps to strengthen your hair and control hair loss problem.


Intake Walnuts

As Walnut preserves a great amount of proteins, iron, zinc, vitamin B etc. they are extremely useful for providing good health to your hair.Apart from these walnut is even a rich source of Omega-6 fatty acids that nourishes your hair and prevents hair loss. So you can consume some amount of walnuts at least once a week to get the desired result.