8 Excellent Home Remedies For Breast Lifts


Remedies For Breast Lifts

With age and other contributing factors, a woman’s most prized assets often start shrinking in size or sagging. And while there are plenty of medications and treatments (including surgical options) to lift sagging breasts, it is considered wise to think about the pros and cons of these treatments before opting for them. For in most cases, the cons outweigh the pros and the end result is far from satisfactory.

Sagging breasts can be lifted with the help of certain remedies that prove to be equally effective as standard medications and treatments, and offer you the added benefit of trying them out at home. Here are some of the best known home remedies or breast lifts for women trying in vain to life their sagging breasts without the need to opt for expensive medications and surgical treatments. Regular use of these remedies would ensure that your breasts become firmer and perkier within a short span of time.

Simple And Effective Home Remedies for Breast Lifts

1. Yoga For Breast Lifts

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help life sagging breasts. In addition to strengthening the body, yoga would help improve the posture which would in turn make the breasts look firmer and perkier. Different yoga poses also focus on sagging breasts and can help lift them naturally within a short period of time.

Yoga For Breast Lifts

Exercises For Breast Lifts

Certain exercises aimed at the arms and the chest area can aid in lifting breasts naturally. Some of the more common exercises recommended for the same include:

2. Circling The Arms

Circling the arms forwards and backwards repetitively can help firm the skin in and around the breasts, thereby lifting them naturally and effectively. For best results, do 10 forward circles and 10 backward circles for at least 3 times a day.

Circling The Arms

3. Traditional Pushups

Traditional pushups would help lift sagging breasts effectively. Regular pushups can help firm the skin in and around the breast area, thereby reducing sag to a great extent.In addition to the traditional pushups, a modified version that involves lifting the upper torso off the floor when the knees remain bent has also proven to be effective in making breasts perkier in a short period of time.

Traditional Pushups

4. Lifting Weights

Lifting weights daily can help prevent breast sagging and help the breasts regain their firmness. The best routine for the exercise involves lying down on your back on the floor and holding a pair of weights in each outstretched arms (in a cross like position). Lifting your arms upwards above your head, maintaining the position for about 5 counts, lowering the arms back to their original position and maintaining the same for an extra 5 counts can strengthen the breast skin and lift the breasts naturally (and quickly).

 Lifting Weights

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5. Massages For Breast Lifts

Massaging the breasts regularly can have a positive effect on the skin and connective tissues in the region. In addition to increasing the blood flow to the chest region, these massages would help to strengthen the tissues and muscles present in and around the breasts, and would also help tone the skin to become firmer.

 Massages For Breast Lifts

6. Oil Massages

Massaging the breasts every day with some oil (for at least 20 minutes) can help lift them naturally. You can use olive oil, vegetable oils or essential oils for the same purpose. The process would involve lying down on your back on a flat surface after which you would need to apply some oil on each breast and massage it individually with gentle, circular movements. The massage needs to be continued until the oil is completely absorbed by the breast skin. With time (and regular use), these massages would start showing desirable results on the breast which would look firmer and perkier than before.

Oil Massages

7. Ice Massages

Ice massaging can be considered as a suitable alternative for oil massages, and can be very effective in lifting breasts in addition to preventing them from sagging again. The breasts need to be massaged with ice cubes (in the same way as in an oil massage) on a regular basis for positive results. Note that ice cubes can numb the sensitive breast skin and so would need to be used for not more than a few minutes. With time, regular ice massages would help firm and tone the breast skin, and make your breasts look perkier.

 Ice Massages

8. Breast Masks For Breast Lifts

Like face masks, breast masks can work on the skin cells in the breast region and help strengthen and tone them effectively. This would in prevent the breasts from sagging and lift them naturally.An appropriate breast mask can be made using fresh cucumber (blended), egg white and olive oil. The mask needs to be applied over the breasts and needs to be left on for about 1 hour after which it can be rinsed out with lukewarm water. Regular use of this breast mask (at least twice a week) can be beneficial for the breasts.

Breast Masks For Breast Lifts