5 Essential Diet during Early Pregnancy


Diet during Early Pregnancy

Motherhood is a beautiful phase in the life of every woman. The joy and happiness that motherhood brings is not only felt by the woman who gives birth but also by her family members. But while the pregnancy phase does involve moments of happiness for the would be mother, at the same time a lot of care and concern should be shown by the family members towards the lady in the house who is pregnant.

Many a times the concern could be in the form of the person being asked to take a lot of bed rest and also a lot of attention needs to be paid towards the diet of the woman. This is extremely important as to ensure that a new born to be healthy it is very crucial for the would be mother to have a good diet.

Suitable Early Pregnancy Diet

Foods Rich In Folic Acid

Folic Acid Foods For Early Pregnancy

The first few months of pregnancy are very crucial for the proper development of the unborn child. Doctors suggest that the mother should eat foods that are rich in folic acid. This nutrient is important to protect the unborn child from any form of defects like spinal cord problems.Vegetables like spinach, mint, coriander leaves, beetroot, carrot, cauliflower, bitter gourd and capsicum are names of just a few vegetables which are rich sources of folic acid. Other foods include dry fruits like walnuts, peanuts and almonds, fruits like muskmelon, avocado and strawberries and also certain pulses like bengal  gram, soya beans and kidney beans.


Liquids For Early Pregnancy

The most  simplest drink to have through the day is 8-10 glasses of fresh, clean and boiled water. Apart from this some other healthy drinks and juices that a pregnant woman should have includes coconut water, skimmed milk and shakes made out different fruits. Care should be taken to use fresh fruits for the purpose.These juices should be prepared at home and should not be had from outside to prevent the pregnant person from catching any infection.  Also it is important to have only drinks which will be beneficial to both the mother and the baby and hence any form of alcohol should be avoided.

Protein Rich Foods

Eggs For Early Pregnancy

In order to ensure the proper and healthy growth of the baby it is very important for the pregnant lady to have foods rich in protein. Some foods like meat and meat products, chicken, eggs and pulses should be taken and incorporated in the pregnant person’s daily diet.

Dairy Products

All dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt and buttermilk should be eaten on a daily basis by the pregnant woman.These foods are great sources of calcium, protein and vitamin B12, all of which are vital for the growth of the baby including the bones.

Dairy Products For Early Pregnancy

Starchy Foods

Consuming these type of foods is important for the would be mother as these foods are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre all of which are important for the proper growth of the unborn.Some of these foods include bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, noodles, oats, yams and so on. Apart from this, consuming foods rich in iron is important. Also at the same time care should be taken to avoid any unhealthy food like too much of fried stuff.

Starchy Foods For Early Pregnancy