8 Excellent Home Remedies For Burns On Fingers


Excellent Home Remedies For Burns On Fingers

We often burn our fingers especially when we do works in kitchen hurriedly. Sometimes we touch very hot utensils or cooked products with our bare fingers or we burn our fingers in gas flame or we burn our fingers when we light a candle carelessly. Anything can happen but you should take immediate care of your burn finger to reduce burning sensation and to prevent any infection that may form in the wound.

You will get many medicines to treat your burn skin in the market. But you have to go to the market to get them. Treat your burn fingers immediately with your home products. A burnt skin needs immediate care and attention. This article will help you by informing you about those home products and their uses.

Home Remedies For Burns on Fingers

1. Chilled Water

When you burn your fingers, immediately go to the basin and place your fingers under the running tap. The cold water helps to reduce the temperature of the skin and reduce the pain. Keep your fingers in cold water at least for 15-20 minutes. If possible take some ice cool water in a bowl and place your fingers there in the water for half an hour to remove the heat from the skin. This will save your fingers from further damage. This chilled water will also help you to reduce the burning sensation of the skin.

Chilled Water

2. Aloe Vera

Another natural product that is excellent for treating burning sensation is aloe vera. Perhaps aloe vera has no alternate to cure burning skin. Take a fresh aloe vera tube and slit it to remove cool aloe vera gel. Apply the gel on your burns in thick coat and repeat the process every half an hour. This aloe vera gel cures your burn very quickly without leaving any marks.

Aloe Vera

3. Pure Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very effective for burn. Take some pure and thick coconut oil and apply it thickly on your fingers. Coconut oil cures the wound, spends up to grow the new skin, reduce the immediate burning sensation and reduce the itching sensation that occurs when your burning skin heals up. You may mix pinch of camphor with the coconut oil. Camphor helps to prevent infection. So massage coconut oil everyday on your burnt skin to get a complete cure.

Coconut Oil

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4. Potato

Potato is a great thing in burning.  Potato juice is cool by nature. Grate one potato and extract the juice. Apply the juice on your burn. Or mash one raw potato and apply that cool substance on your burn. It will help you to reduce the burning sensation and will prevent boil that often appears on burnt skin. But do not forget to wash the potato properly before using it on your burn because potato carries some loose dust. This loose dust is used on potato to keep it dry and well. You may get infected by this dust if you do not wash it properly.


5. Chilled Milk

Chilled milk is excellent to treat your burn on fingers. Take some raw milk in a bowl and keep that bowl in freezer for sometimes. Now soak your burnt fingers in it for sometimes. It will reduce the burning sensation. Milk also keeps the burnt skin clean. Use chilled milk to wash the burnt skin again and again. Mix some fresh turmeric paste with the chilled milk. The antiseptic property of turmeric protects your burnt skin from further infection.

Chilled Milk

6. Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood paste is very cool by nature and is excellent for burn. Take some pure sandalwood powder and use clean and pure water to make the sandalwood paste. Apply the paste in thick coat on your burn. Sandalwood paste is very cool and it reduces the burning sensation. Everyday use of sandalwood paste heals the wound effectively. Moreover, sandalwood paste has antiseptic quality which saves your skin from further infection.

Sandalwood Paste

7. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has antiseptic quality and it heals any type of burn very effectively. Apply raw lavender oil on your burn everyday to get the benefit. If possible mix aloe vera gel and honey with lavender oil to get the better result.

Lavender Oil

8. Papaya

Great papaya and apply it directly on the burn. Regular use of papaya will help to remove burnt and dead skin and will help you to cure burn within few days.


These are few home products that cure your burn effectively. They are not at all expensive and are easily available at your home. Use them according to the method. But if the burns on your fingers do not heal up quickly and the situation gets worse, do not forget to take the advice of a physician as soon as possible.