8 Excellent Home Remedies For Boils


Boils are type of skin infection and it happens in the hair follicles. When the pores of the skin become clogged, the bacterial infection starts on the pore and boils appear. Boils are very painful and sometimes the excessive pain may bring fever.

8 Excellent Home Remedies For Boils

The pus starts to accumulate inside the boil and creates pain. Unless you take the timely care of your boil and cure it quickly, the boil will take a complicated look. It may get septic and may turn fatal. For this reason cure your boil at the very primary stage.

Home Remedies for Boils

Compress With Hot Water

The first thing that you will do is wash your boil again and again with warm water. Warm water not only helps to reduce pain that your boil create, it also removes oil of the skin and keeps the place clean. Boil some water and add 2-3 pinches of salt in it. Soak one cotton in the hot water and dab it on the boil. Practice this method at least twice daily. Within two days the boil will burst and the pus will come out.

Remove the pus completely. Residue pus may create new infection. So clean it properly and then apply an antiseptic lotion on the wound. Keep it open if you are in the home because in this process wound dries much quickly as there are much scope of air circulation. But if you go outside do not forget to cover your wound with bandage to avoid infection.

Hot Compresses

Neem and Turmeric

Take fresh neem and turmeric and grind it to paste. Apply this on your boil twice or thrice daily. You will get relief. Both neem and turmeric has antibacterial and antiseptic property.

They kill the germ of the boil. This combination of this mixture is very effective and cures not only boils but also any type of skin rashes.

Neem And Turmeric


Garlic has antibacterial property. It cures boil very effectively. Take some fresh garlic and crush it. Apply that on your boil as long as possible before wash. Practice this 2-3 times daily. This method will help to cure boil very quickly.



Fresh onion also has power to cure the boil. Make very fine slices of onion and apply it on your boil. Use it daily and soon get rid of boil.

Onion Cures

Ginger And Sandalwood

Crush few fresh gingers and extract the juice. Take a teaspoon sandalwood powder and use ginger juice to make the paste. Apply this paste on boil. Apply this 4-5times daily. Both ginger and sandalwood has power to kill germs and cure boil.


Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek has antiseptic power and it cures boil miraculously. Soak some fenugreek seed in water to get soft. Then grind it to paste. Apply the paste on your boils at least twice daily.

Fenugreek has antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial property. It not only cures boil effectively it also prevents boil and prevent the risk of getting further infection.

Fenugreek Seeds

Lavender And Sandalwood Oil

Take few drops of lavender oil or sandalwood oil. Mix few drops of warm water in the oil. Now with the help of cotton wash your boil with this water. This helps to cure boil effectively.

Lavender And Sandalwood Oil

Basil Leaves And Honey

Crush few basil leaves and extract the juice. Basil has antibacterial power. Mix it with honey. Honey has antiseptic quality and saves your skin from further infection.

Mix basil leaves, honey and few drops of water in a container. Apply that again and again on your boil. You will get relief. There is nothing to worry. Follow these home remedies and soon get rid of boil.

Basil Leaves And Honey