Effective Home Remedies To Treat Impotence


Effective Home Remedies To Treat Impotence Impotency or erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem among men. Men all around the world experience this problem sometime in their lives. Stress, certain ailments like diabetes, eating habits, smoking, feeling pressurized, etc., are some of the reasons that cause impotence. Being impotent is quite frustrating and can cause problems in one’s relationship.

Also, as being virile is synonymous to manhood, impotency can cause more damage to a man’s ego. However, this problem is treatable, and hence, one need not be paranoid if suffering from this problem. There are several treatments associated with erectile dysfunction; however, the best and also the safest would be the home remedies.

Useful Home Remedies For Impotence

Home remedies for treating impotence do not carry any side effects like the usual medicines given for this problem. Here are some of the home remedies that will help you to get rid of impotency.

Consume Ginger

Ginger is considered to be an aphrodisiac since several centuries. Erection is achieved when the blood flow towards the penis increases, and ginger does exactly this by increasing the blood flow in the body.


Research has proved that it is the best medicine to treat sexual weakness and enhance sexual desire. You can consume ginger by taking its juice with a teaspoon of honey and half-boiled egg. It should be taken every day before going to bed.

Try Garlic

Garlic is another home remedy that acts as an aphrodisiac and has been used to treat sexual problems for many years. The antioxidants present in garlic help to increase libido and cure erectile dysfunction.


It is very effective for people who have sexual problems due to a disease or being a victim of an accident. To consume garlic, you do not need to make any elaborate preparation. All you need to do is chew 2 3 garlic cloves daily.

Start Exercising

Living a sedentary life can make you lethargic, and this can be a reason for your erectile dysfunction. Hence, it is important to start exercising and make it a part of your lifestyle. Exercise helps to improve blood circulation in the body, automatically treating impotency.

Start Exercising

Exercising should include both aerobics and weight lifting exercises. Apart from these exercises, you should also try some Kegel exercises, as they make your pelvic muscles strong and give you better control over ejaculation.

Lead A Stress Free Life

Stress is said to be the most common culprit of sexual related problems today. Stress causes high blood pressure, which then leads to poor blood circulation in the body. So, it is important to take out time from your busy scheduled and relax for some time. Going for vacations is a good way to do this; but stress is an everyday problem and hence, you should know about ways to combat it. Getting 8-10 hours of sleep, practicing some yoga exercises and indulging in some hobby can help you to lead a stress free life and eventually cure impotence.

Zinc Containing Foods

People who have had problems like digestive disorders, kidney and liver diseases, diabetes, etc., are said to have low levels of zinc in their body. The intake of diuretics for a long time can also cause this.

Dark Chocolates

Such depletion of this mineral can also be the cause behind erectile dysfunction. In this case, it is important to include foods that contain zinc. These foods include dark chocolate; garlic; wheat germ; squash, sesame, watermelon and pumpkin seeds; roast beef; lamb; crabs and oysters.

Change The Way You Live

Apart from lack of exercise, drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs can be other reasons for impotence or poor sexual performance. If these are the reasons that are causing erectile dysfunction for you, then it is the right time to throw out these habits from your life.

Avoid Alcohol

It is also important to avoid foods that are fried, processed, and have high sugar and sodium in them. Changing your lifestyle in a better way can definitely help to enhance your libido as well as your overall health.

Other Home Remedies For Impotence

  • Drinking water is said to be an important element of improving your overall health, which will eventually lead to a better sexual life too. So, do not forget to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Onions and carrots help in improving one’s libido and treat impotency. Therefore, make it a habit of consuming salads made of lots of onions and carrots.
  • Dry fruits are also great medicines for treating erectile dysfunction. Almonds, dates, raisins, pistachios, etc., should be consumed everyday to cure this sexual problem.

These home remedies for impotence are usually effective. However, if they do not provide a solution to your problem, do visit a doctor who will definitely help you.