5 Effective Home Remedies For ED


Home Remedies For ED

ED also known as erectile dysfunction denotes impotency in a man. The male reproductive organ is either unable to achieve erection or to hold it. This can be psychologically as well as physically extremely debilitating as it disrupts a man’s normal life and he is unable to have sex and fulfill his desire. When a man is sexually aroused, electrical impulses are produced which stimulate the blood vessels in the penis.

The increased flow of blood causes an erection and the trapped blood inside the veins sustain the erection. If the nervous system does not function properly then the electrical impulses are not transmitted properly by the brain and the spinal column to the penis. Other causes of erectile dysfunction can be heart diseases, diabetes, depression, undue stress and anxiety and insufficient hormones. Long term use of certain drugs too can result in impotency.

Best Home Remedies For ED

Carom Seeds

Carom Seeds For ED

Carom Seeds has been used in ayurvedic medicine since time unknown for its huge healing and curing capacity. It is full of medicinal values which correct any malfunctions in the body and keep it fit and strong.

The chief use of Carom Seeds for erectile dysfunction is its potent antioxidant properties which not only remove the harmful toxins from the entire body, but also stimulate the blood circulation, enhance the function of the nerves and keep the blood vessels in good shape. Swallow one teaspoon of Carom Seeds with a little water first thing in the morning, everyday.

Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

Avoid Alcohol For Ed

Alcohol and smoking both contribute to erectile dysfunction. They inundate the blood stream with harmful toxins which impair the health of the nerves in the brain and weaken the electrical impulses. The toxins also damage the blood vessels in the penis and reduce their strength and the ability to expand and hold the erection. So if you are in the habit of smoking and consuming a lot of alcohol, you must give them up to be able to perform sexually.


Dates For Ed

Dates are full of essential vitamins and minerals which provide the body with vigorous health. They contain antioxidant and stimulating properties which strengthen the muscles, nerves and the blood vessels and keep the entire nervous well functioning. Boil six to seven dates in a glass of milk for five minutes. Add a teaspoon of ghee to the mixture and consume it twice daily. Regular use will soon increase your virility.

Black Currants

Black currants provide instant energy to the body and increase the stamina. They are full of vital minerals and vitamins which increase potency by keeping the nervous system well functioning and maintaining the health of the blood vessels. Soak ten almonds and ten black currants in half a cup of water, overnight. In the morning grind them to a fine paste. Mix this paste with a glass of milk and drink it regularly on a daily basis.

Black Currants For ED


Ghee is very good for erectile dysfunction. It is full of valuable nutrition and provides vital strength to the body and all its organs. It enhances the function of the sexual organs by strengthening the nerves, muscles and the blood vessels. Heat two teaspoons of ghee and add some chopped almonds to it. Add some honey and eat this mixture twice, daily.

Ghee For ED