6 Effective Diet treatment For Obesity


Obesity Obesity is one problem that is seen on regular basis now-a-days. Whether we are active or not active obesity seems to crawl in our lives at some point of time. There can be many reasons behind obesity. Some are genetically obese but in majority of the cases it is unhealthy eating habits that contribute to this disease.Fatty food, oily greasy stuffs look yummy but you cannot imagine how much unhealthy it is for your heart and entire body. In this article you will come across some wonderful dietary treatments that you can follow to reduce your obesity. So read on.

List of Diet Treatment For Obesity

Firstly, as obesity is an acute form of weight gain there are certain foodstuffs that you need to completely avoid.

Oily Or Fried Food

Avoid Oily Or Fried Food For Obesity Potato chips, French fries, wafers, onion rings, hamburgers, and pizzas would appear heavenly to any normal person but if you are above the permissible weight limit, you need to get these things completely out of your mind. Instead go for fruits such as grapes, apples, pineapples, strawberries. These are lighter and you can prepare many tasty dishes with it.

Meat & Bacon And Ham

Meat & Bacon For Obesity Red meat in any form is a complete no-no for you. Red meat is extremely high in its fat and cholesterol levels. You need to avoid pork too as it is also unhealthy for body. If you crave for meat products you can go for lean fishes such as tuna and salmon. You can get it grilled or baked as you wish.

Butter And Ghee & Cheese

Avoid Butter And Ghee & Cheese For Obesity Everybody loves to have a few dollops of butter, ghee in their breads or sandwiches. But you need to remember that these dairy products are high in their fat content and you don’t want extra fat in your body if you are obese. So instead of adding butter, ghee or cheese in your diet you can instead go for baked or grilled sandwiches made with lettuce, tofu, tomatoes and spring onions. It is not only tasty but is healthy too. You also need to limit your intake of cottage cheese and cow milk. You can have goat milk if it is available as it lighter than cow milk.

Hydrogenated Cooking Oil

Hydrogenated Cooking Oil For Obesity Hydrogenated cooking oil in the form of dalda or vanaspati should be completely avoided. These are processed in a way that makes it unhealthy for your body. Go for cooking oils such as soya been oil, sunflower oil, olive oil which will help you to keep your weight in control. On word of suggestion could be that you take only one table spoon of oil in your cooking so that it does not increase your obesity level.

Cold Drinks

Lemon Juice, Orange Juice For Obesity Cold drinks are a favorite in any season. But you need to stay away from it if you are obese. These simply add to your obesity levels. Instead you can settle for lemon juice, orange juice, and apple juice if you feel like having some juices.

Other Products

Mangoes, Bananas For Obesity Other products such as whole purpose flour or maida, white bread, fruit such as mangoes, bananas, legumes such as kidney beans and carbohydrate filled white rice needs to be avoided. You can have brown bread that is healthy. You can have soybeans instead of eggs to get adequate protein.

6 Effective Diet treatment For Obesity