9 Dietary Treatment Of Diabetes


Dietary Treatment Of Diabetes If you are suffering from diabetes, you must be very careful about the type of diet you are getting. You can ease the various complications of diabetes by eating certain foods. Following is a brief rundown on some of those power foods that have proven to be very effective in the treatment of diabetes. They do not just help in reducing your blood sugar level, but they can even reverse the disease. So, make sure you include some or all of these foods into your diet plan.

Dietary Treatment Of Diabetes

Add Sprinkles Of Cinnamon To Your Diet

Cinnamon For Diabetes Just sprinkles of cinnamon on your dishes can bring down your blood sugar level and keep it under control. Cinnamon contains natural elements that make room for more glucose to enter the cells by allowing your body to use insulin more efficiently. A recent medical study has reported that blood sugar levels can be lowered quite significantly by taking just ½ tsp. of cinnamon daily. You can take it in the form of cinnamon tea, which can be prepared easily by just soaking a cinnamon stick into boiling water. Alternatively, you can add sprinkles of cinnamon powder to chicken dishes, baked apples, oatmeal and whole wheat toast.

Eat Non-Fat Plain Yoghurt In Breakfast Or As Anytime Snack

Yoghurt For Diabetes The chances of your body getting insulin resistant can be minimized to a great extent by eating non-fat plain yoghurt. You can get it in your breakfast or eat it as a light snack anytime during the day. You can get extra nutrients by eating yoghurt with low fat granola or with fresh fruits. Yoghurt is a rich source for calcium and protein. It helps you lose weight and keeps your blood sugar level in control.

Olive Oil Keeps Your Blood Sugar Level Steady

Olive Oil For Diabetes When it comes to dietary treatments for diabetes, olive oil also makes a wise choice. This heart-healthy oil has been found to be equally effective in reducing insulin resistance also. If you want to keep your blood sugar level steady, you must use olive oil liberally in your diet. Use olive oil instead of butter or other fats to cook your foods. You can even get it during snacks, such as by dipping your bread in a little bit of olive oil. However, it is very important for you to keep in mind that one tbsp. of olive oil can provide 119 calories to your body. Therefore, overdose of olive oil should be avoided.

Reduce Insulin Resistance By Eating Nuts

Eat Nuts For Diabetes Eating nuts makes it much easier for your body to control blood sugar level. The heart-healthy fats that nuts provide to your body have been found to be very effective not only in losing excessive weight but also in reducing insulin resistance. Another reason why nuts are used so popularly as a dietary treatment for diabetes is the very fact that they are also rich in magnesium and fiber – both these nutrients are powerful enough to regulate your blood sugar. But again, just like olive oil, nuts are also high in calories. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to eat them in moderation.

Chicken Breasts Are Miracle Foods For Diabetes Patients

Chicken breasts are also used as a powerful dietary remedy to treat diabetes. They are very low in calories and are extremely lean. They make blood sugar control much easier and more effective. Even turkey breasts can be very beneficial in treating diabetes. However, hamburgers and steaks must be avoided at all costs because they can make it more difficult for your body to control blood sugar. They also raise bad cholesterol. Chicken and turkey breasts are safe and treat the symptoms of diabetes quite effectively.

Chicken For Diabetes Eat Fish Two Times A Week

Fish also makes an important part of your diet plan when it comes to fighting against diabetes. You must eat fish at least two times every week. Diabetes patients often have low levels of ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL). Fishes are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid, which is very beneficial in improving the HDL level, which eventually eases down the complications of diabetes. Tuna, mackerel and salmon are some of the best fish products for diabetes treatment.

Eat Fish For Diabetes Relief The Power Of Beans

When it comes to dietary remedies of diabetes, beans also make a powerful solution. They are rich in dietary fiber, which carries an array of health benefits that also include preventing further rise in blood sugar level. It also slows down your digestion process and makes you feel full for a longer period. Medical studies have reported that regular intake of beans can even reduce your blood sugar levels and keep other symptoms of diabetes in check. You can eat beans during lunch in the form of lentil soup, split pea and black bean. Even canned beans are ok. Alternatively, you can also rinse beans and add them to your salad.

Beans For Diabetes Relief Get 3-4 Servings Of Fruits Everyday

One serving of fruit refers to half cup of canned or cooked fruit or one piece of whole fruit. Though drinking fruit juices are also beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, eating whole fruit can bring more effective and faster results. This is because the best debates-fighting nutrients are found in the seeds, flesh and skin of fruits, which you do not get in the form of juice.

Fruits For Diabetes Relief You can plan your diet in a way that you should be able to eat one serving of fruit in the morning, two during the hours of gap between lunch and dinner and another one at night. The best thing about fruits is that they are rich in antioxidants that strengthen your body’s ability to fight against diabetes symptoms.

Load Your Plate With Vegetables

Last, but probably the most important thing is to add as much vegetables as you can to your regular meals. Vegetables are loaded with diabetes-fighting fiber and various other nutrients. They are also naturally low in calories.Eating more vegetables make you feel full without loading you with saturated fats or simple carbs – both are responsible for increasing insulin resistance and raising blood sugar level. Overall, when it comes to dietary treatment of diabetes, adding above foods in your diet plan will definitely help you get beneficial results.

Vegetables For Diabetes Relief