Choose The Best Omega 3 Fish Oil


Omega 3 Fish Oil Choosing the best Omega 3 fish oil is a baffling predicament due to the claims of the supplements being divine health agency and at the same time the facts of its toxifying side-effects and sustainability issues. Omega 3 fatty acids are an antidote for so many serious ailments like heart disease, stroke, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, glaucoma, muscular degeneration, miscarriage, diabetes, asthma, developmental coordination disorders and certain diseases related to pain and swelling.

We need to do our homework to find the uncontaminated version of our Omega 3 supplement, to derive the best for our health.You can choose the best omega 3 fish oil:-

Choose the Best Omega 3 Fish Oil

EPA And DHA Portion

We need to take fish oil for its EPA and DHA benefits. Leaving aside mother’s milk, fish oil is the only source that can provide us with this most valuable health nutrient. So check how much portion of EPA and DHA is being offered by manufacturer. Check the ratio of EPA and DHA to that of the total weight of the capsule.

EPA And DHA Portion1

Higher the ratio of EPA and DHA the better is the supplement. One capsule needs to have around 200-300mg of DHA. Take the advice of your health care practitioner to decide what should be your daily intake of this supplement for the purpose of your health.


Infact, any nutrient that is extracted from a food or a natural state and involves less chemical process will be the best absorbed by our body. With every chemical treatment, there is more chance of damage to the nutrient. Take your fish oil supplement with high fat food for better absorption. Natural triglyercide oils are the most natural forms, but posses the risk of contamination. Ethyl ester oils are in semi-natural states and are well absorbed in the body.

Purity And Third Party Testing

Omega 3 is found in the tissues of fish, which can unfortunately also accumulate environmental contaminates. This would mean that these contaminates i.e the heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury come to us by way of industry and can lead to cognitive impairments. It is significant that your supplement is independently tested and certified by a third party.

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The oil must meet the international standards set against contaminants. Infact any manufacturer can tell you that his product is free of contaminants, so you can ask for something called as (COA) Certificate of analysis. The independent must be accredited, sponsored by a government agency, or has a concrete reputation in the field.


Tocopherols are preservatives for fish oil. Fish oil gets oxidized and become contaminated and pungent, hence you need tocopherol for your fish oil. Fish oil when turns rancid, does more harm than good. Tocopherols can also come from natural extracts, so if it is a natural derivation then it is much better.


Inhaling Eucalyptus Oil

Omega 3 fats are most receptive to damages and once the oil goes rancid it contributes to oxidation and inflammation. So you need to make sure that ‘peroxide value’ of supplement is less than 5 meq/kg. Tablet once opened, also should not have strong scented odors or smell like a rotten fish.


Some manufacturers offer omega 6 and 9 too, which are easily available in vegetable oils and olive oils. The purpose thereof is to fill the capsules and is of no added value. So check the label thoroughly for such additions.