8 Change Of Diet To Cure Candida


Change Of Diet To Cure Candida Candida infection or Candidiasis caused by the overgrowth of the yeast Candida Albicans can be very irritating at times and embarrassing as well. This is normally a feminine disorder which is manifested through vaginal yeast infection. Oral thrush is another commonly observed outcome of candida infection. Seldom you come across a woman who has not experienced candida infection in the vagina, but the good news is that in most cases it subsides naturally.Men too suffer from candida, but to a much lesser extent unless there is a serious underlying medical condition. Occurrence of definite population of candida yeast in the mouth, rectum and vagina is quite normal, but the problem arises when there is a sudden overgrowth of this fungus.

Compromised body immunity, hormonal imbalance and lack of proper hygiene are the common triggers of this infection. You need to watch your diet also while trying out a number of remedies for candida.

Diet Change To Cure Candida

You need to check out which foods to avoid and which to include in increased quantities in order to cure candida and follow it strictly. Occasional diversions may not be harmful, but prolonged consumption of some foods unknowingly often aggravates the situation. Chronic sufferers have no choice but follow the following dietary habit strictly.

Foods That You Should Eat


Eat Yogurt For Candida If you are not used to have yoghurt, start having it immediately and that too in generous quantities. Fresh homemade yoghurt contains a high population of live bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus which kills candida yeast restoring the normal microbial balance. Have bowls of unsweetened yoghurt 3-4 times a day for best results.

Fresh And Colored Fruits

Fresh And Colored Fruits For Candida While fruits with high fructose content are not recommended to cure candida, but certain fruits need to be consumed in limited quantities to boost the body immunity. Vitamin C enriched lime, orange, grapes and grapefruit are permissible to cure candida. You can also have strawberries and blueberries in limited amounts. Colored fruits rich in antioxidants are very good immunity boosters.

Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables For Candida Green vegetables high in essential nutrients and low in refined carbohydrates are excellent choices to cure candida. Broccoli, celery, capsicum, cauliflower, cucumber, sprouted beans, watercress, tomatoes, salad greens, spinach and parsley top the list. Cook your vegetables moderately or have steamed dishes. Do not eat too much of raw vegetables while you are suffering from candida infection.

Fish And Poultry

Fish And Poultry Helps In Candida Lean meat, fish and eggs are the readily available sources of protein supplying you with the required amino acids. Salmon, Tuna, mackerel, sardine and Cod fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help in fighting candida. Daily two servings of any of the non- vegetarian protein foods mentioned will serve your purpose.


Nuts Helps In Candida If you need a high concentration of essential minerals and trace elements at one go, nuts are the best options. Hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, Brazil nut, walnuts and sunflower and sesame seeds boost your body immunity and fights candida effectively. Salted and roasted nuts are not at all recommended.

Foods To Avoid

Say No To Sweets

You need to give up your special liking for sweet dishes. Yeast feeds on sugar and multiplies rapidly. Excessive sugar intake disrupts the pH level of the vaginal area creating favorable conditions for yeast multiplication. Reduce the intake of sugar or avoid it strictly unless you get rid of this problem. You need to avoid sweetened beverages and fruit juices as well.

Avoid Sweets For Candida Quit Alcohol And Carbonated Beverages

These beverages alter the normal pH level of the body favoring the yeast to multiply rapidly. Consuming one or two pegs of alcohol a week can put you into the risk zone of developing this infection.

Quit Alcohol For Candida Avoid Foods Made From White Flour

Staying away from delicious pizza, pasta, white bread, doughnuts and bakery products may pain you, but that would be definitely not more than that caused by candida infection. White flour consumption favors yeast multiplication.

Avoid Foods Made From White Flour