6 Best Treatments For Damaged Hair


6 Best Treatment For Damaged Hair

The issue of damaged hair is very common nowadays and if persists for long days, then it can result baldness. Therefore, you should know the root cause which damaging your healthy hair and must collect some information to get rid of this. From many research centers, it has been proved that, reason for hair damage is due to the food, which we eat in our daily life. Another reason is improper care of the hair. Now, in developing generation, youths are fond of making stylish hair by using many dyes and heating air to make their hair trendy, which is the best source for damaging the shine and healthy hair.

Following 6 Best Treatment For Damaged Hair:

Wash And Clean Properly

First of all you should wash and clean your hair properly. You should avoid multiple chemicals to wash your hair. Apply shampoo on your hair and leave for 2 minutes so that it can react with dirt present in your scalp and able to wash them out completely. You can try the shampoo which contains less oil or fat, but should contain fruits and herbals. This helps to kill germs present in roots of hair and make it stronger and longer.

Wash And Clean Properly

Dry Your Hair Naturally After Washing

This is the most important stage in which damage of hairs occurs if not taken care properly. You should not apply hot air dryer or blower immediate after washing on your wet hair instead you let it dry by nature. Wipe slowly with the help of smooth towel and stand outside of your room where much blowing of air can touch your hair so that your hair can absorb natural air and will get dry soon.

Dry Your Hair Naturally

Apply Oil 

Apply citrus oil or herbal oil, which is good for hair growth and provides protein and helps to produce moisture in the inner layer of your hair. Amla oil also can be applied to make your hair strength and shine. The most important factor is massaging of the roots of your hair after applying oil. This can make your hair stronger and helps you to avoid from hair breakage or damage.

Apply Oil

Comb Your Hair Regularly

Combing your hair periodically helps your hair remain smooth and clean. While combing, do not comb forcefully by rubbing the hair. You should use a comb that is clean and dust free. Using a dirty comb can get stuck while coming and hence may cause hair breakage.

Comb Your Hair

Maintaining A Proper Diet

According to some dermatologist you should have a good idea of your daily food to maintain a good and healthy hair. It is easy to get affected by damaged hair if your food is having less vitamins, minerals, and proteins; therefore, you should consume the food in which abundance of vitamins and folic acids are available. Some of the best examples of such food are spinach, vegetables, and nuts. These foods not only make your hair healthy and grow, but also help to maintain strong and long hair. You should restrict to non-veg food if you are facing hair damage or hair loss.

Plan Proper Diet

Avoid Highlighting And Coloring

You should avoid much styling to your hair, because during the changing of hair style, you use many chemicals with excessive of heat, which is not suitable for hair and this may lead to weakness and dryness of your hair roots and starts falling of hair. Using multiple colors may lead to reduce vitamin C and makes your hair dry and rough. Hence avoid coloring of your normal and smooth hair.

Highlighting And Coloring