5 Best Home Remedies For Hypoglycemia


Home Remedies For Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is more common among people with diabetes. It develops when there is a shortage of glucose in the body to be used as fuel by the cells. When the blood sugar drops, it causes such symptoms as dizziness, confusion, weakness, trembling, nervousness, sweating, shaking, headaches, irritability, hunger and anxiety.

Sometimes there is also poor co-ordination, increased heart rate and pulse rate, poor concentration and numbness in the mouth and tongue. Many factors can cause low blood sugar or hypoglycemia including diet, certain medications, too much insulin, exercising strenuously, skipping meals, too much alcohol and autoimmune disorders.

It is important to keep the blood sugar level well regulated so that the brain which needs a continuous supply of it, is enabled to keep functioning properly without a hitch. If this supply is cut off or is inadequate then it can lead to inconsistent behavior and the patient may even faint or become unconscious.

Various Home Remedies For Hypoglycemia


Flaxseeds For Hypoglycemia

Flaxseeds are very nutritious. They are exceptionally rich in omega 3 fatty acids and soluble dietary fiber. The omega 3 fatty acids have a strong antioxidant activity. They slow the rate at which the dietary sugars enter the blood and keep the sugar level under control.Grind some flaxseeds and store the meal in a jar. Every morning consume three tablespoons of this meal with your cereal everyday.

Eat A Balanced And Nutritious Diet

Fruits And Vegetables For Hypoglycemia

First of all, you should avoid the intake of all kind of unhealthy fats. Fried foods, processed starches and sugars, too much of animal food and junk food should be shunned.

Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables which are not only rich in key nutrients which provide vital health to the body but are also rich in flavonoids which are very powerful antioxidants and which remove all the harmful free radicals from the body and help in regulating the blood sugar. It is also important to take adequate amounts of protein to maintain a stable glucose level.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds For Hypoglycemia

Sesame seeds are full of energy giving nutrients and have a vast therapeutic value. They are high in B vitamins which are vital for regulating and maintaining the level of blood glucose. Soak one heaped tablespoon of sesame seeds into half a cup of water, overnight.In the morning blend the seeds with the water in which they have been soaked till you get a milky solution. Drink it every morning on a regular basis.

Regulate Your Meals

You should never skip meals. It is always good to eat at fixed times without wavering from the schedule. It is also good to eat frequent small meals than to eat three large meals. You should take care to eat something nutritious and sustaining after every two hour interval.Do not allow long intervals to elapse without eating anything. If you follow a strict regime it is possible that you will never have the contingency of low blood sugar.

Regulate Your Meals


Avocados are full of valuable nutrition and contain huge amounts of monounsaturated fats which help to keep the level of blood sugar well regulated throughout the day. Eat one or two ripe avocados everyday.

Avocados For Hypoglycemia