5 Best Home Remedies For Hemroids


Best Home Remedies For Hemroids

Hemoroids are vascular structures found in the anal canal. These vascular structures aid in normal stool passage and get transformed into piles when they get swelled up.  Swelling up of the hemoroids lead to severe pain, inflammation and even bleeding.Piles is a very painful disorder, which can be controlled in its early stage by using these below mentioned home remedies. However, certain home remedies like yarrow bath can also be used in severe cases to get temporary relief from hemoroid pain and inflammation.

Effective Home Remedies For Hemroids

1. Spinach

Spinach is a very effective home remedy for hemoroid, which provides relief from hemoroid pain. After beans, dates and wheat bran, spinach is one of the best sources of fibres. A single cup of chopped spinach can provide 8 grams of fibre. Fibre aids in proper digestion, thereby providing relief from the symptoms of hemoroid. Apart from being a fibre enrich food, the decongestant property of spinach helps normalize the blood flow in the hemoroids, thereby providing relief from pain and swelling.

It relaxes the hemoroids to provide relief from pain as well as itchiness. To use spinach as a home remedy for hemoroid, you can prepare a spinach paste with olive oil. Apply a small amount of this paste in the anal sphincter and then use the rest of it by pouring it down through gauze. Hold the gauze in place with the help of sticking tape so that it doesn’t come out. Keep applying the paste until decongestion of the hemoroids occur. Apart from that, raw spinach juice can also be regularly consumed to get relief from the swelled up hemoroids.


2. Water

Drinking ample amount of water is vital for getting relief from hemoroids. Water helps to keep the stool soft, thereby preventing sever pain and inflammation that may occur as a result of hemoroid. Other than that, water helps to flush out the toxic chemicals deposited in the blood due to over consumption of alcohol and coffee, which indirectly lead to hardening of stool. A person should consume at least 8-10 glasses of water per day to keep the body hydrated and to ease stool passage. However, this quantity should be increased for people living in hot and dry climates.


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3. Yarrow

Yarrow also known as milfoil is a medicinal plant, which is considered to be very useful for treating pain and inflammation occurring as a result of hemoroid. Other than that, yarrow is also a very popular remedy for bleeding as it helps to stop bleedingalmost immediately. Yarrow consists of a volatile oil that is anti-inflammatory by nature and therefore helps in relieving the inflammation that occurs as a result of hemoroid. Salicylic acid found in yarrow acts as an analgesic, which reduces pain. Hemoroid can be treated by preparing a hip bath using yarrow and then using it once or twice daily.


4. Prunes

One of the best sources of fibres, prunes contain high amount of fibres. The fibres present in prunes act as laxative, which help soften the stool and relax the swelled up and inflamed hemoroids. 11 dried prunes are equivalent to 11.9 grams of fibre. Fibres help in easing the digestion process and passage of stool. This in turn helps to relieve pain and inflammation due to the swollen hemoroids. You must consume 2-3 prunes per day in order to get effective relief from the symptoms of hemoroid.


5. Oranges

Oranges are good source of vitamin C and hence they must be included in the diet of hemoroid patients. Vitamin C is vital for proper compression and expansion of blood vessels.

This property helps to enhance the resilience of the affected veins, thereby relaxing them. Additionally, vitamin c has natural healing properties, which act to reduce the pain and inflammation due to hemoroids.