5 Best Home Remedies For Cirrhosis


Home Remedies For Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is a progressive disease of the liver. The healthy tissue of the liver is replaced with scar tissue slowly and continually until the day comes when the liver is unable to function properly. The liver carries out such important functions as, manufacturing bile which is required for digesting food, storing glucose in the form of glycogen and supplying it to the bloodstream, breaking down saturated fats and producing cholesterol and removing all the impurities from the blood. The scar tissue hampers the flow of blood through the liver.

When this happens, the processing of nutrients slows down and the liver is unable to filter the toxins and other impurities. The chief causes of this disease are hepatitis C, alcohol abuse, diabetes and obesity. Certain inherited diseases like cystic fibrosis, repeated bouts of heart failure and antitrypsin deficiency which means an absence of a particular enzyme in the liver can also cause cirrhosis. The main symptoms are excessive fatigue, loss of appetite, fluid retention in the ankles and legs, itchy skin and fever.

Home Remedies For Cirrhosis

Spinach Juice

Spinach Juice For Cirrhosis

The first priority in cirrhosis treatment is to remove all the harmful toxins that damage the liver cells and impair its function. Wash and clean tender spinach leaves and extract one glass of spinach juice. Drink this juice every morning on a regular basis.Spinach is full of phyto-chemicals that have a powerful antioxidant action. They scour the liver of all the impurities and boost its function. Spinach is also rich in vital nutrients that contribute to the health of the body.

Raw Goat Milk

Raw Goat Milk For Cirrhosis

Raw goat milk is the best remedy for cirrhosis. It is a perfect food because its chemical structure is amazingly similar to mother’s milk. It heals the scar tissue and helps in the regeneration of the damaged cells. It is easy to digest and supplies the liver with vital proteins thus enabling it to perform optimally. Drink a glass of fresh raw goat milk twice daily.

Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd For Cirrhosis

Bottle gourd cures a vast number of diseases and ailments. It is enriched with proteins, vitamin C, thiamine and zinc. It heals the damaged tissue of the liver and rejuvenates the deteriorating cells. It also removes the toxins and optimizes the function of the liver.Grate one medium sized bottle gourd and squeeze the pulp to extract the juice. Drink one glass of bottle gourd juice every morning, on a regular basis.


Radish is very good for the function of the liver. It regulates the production of bile and detoxifies the liver. As soon as the toxins are eliminated from the liver, its function becomes enhanced and it is able to process the nutrients from the blood. Grate two big radishes and squeeze the pulp to extract the juice. Drink one glass of radish juice twice daily.

Radish For Cirrhosis

Avoid Processed Foods

You should avoid eating all kinds of processed foods. They are difficult to digest and put a lot of strain on the liver. You should also avoid oily and fatty foods. Lay more stress on fresh fruits and vegetables rather than animal food to keep your liver in good health.

Avoid Processed Foods