9 Best Home Remedies For Bleeding Piles


Home Remedies For Bleeding Piles

Piles is a common ailment that occurs when the veins of the anus become dilated due to an increase in pressure. This can be caused by strained bowel movements, obesity, lack of exercise, advanced stages of pregnancy or childbirth.

In severe cases, due to continuous and excessive pressure on the anus and rectum, piles begin to bleed. Check out these home remedies for treating bleeding piles, without side effects.

Effective Home Remedies For Bleeding Piles


Pomegranate To Reduce Bleeding Piles

Pomegranate is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and antioxidants. It is known for its hemostatic properties i.e. it stops bleeding. Drink a glass of pomegranate juice twice daily to cure bleeding piles. You can also boil the pomegranate peels and drink this water twice or thrice daily.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly To Reduce Bleeding Piles

Lubricate your anal area with petroleum jelly, before passing stools, to avoid bleeding piles. This will ease bowel movements and avoid strain on the inflamed anal veins. Till you get completely cured, this home remedy can be undertaken along with any other home remedy mentioned here.

Dry Figs

Dry Figs To Reduce Bleeding Piles

Clean four dry figs with hot water and soak them overnight. In the morning, eat these soaked figs and drink the water used for soaking them. Figs contain small seeds that aid peristaltic movement in the intestines. This keeps the digestive tract clean and allows easy bowel movements. This in turn lessens the pressure on the anal canal and the piles eventually begin to contract and stop bleeding. Consume soaked, dry figs at least thrice every week.

Onion Paste

Onion Paste To Reduce Bleeding Piles

Make a paste of half an onion in water and add some sugar to it. Consume this twice daily. This home remedy is very good for healing bleeding piles. It brings relief within a few days.

Mango Seed Powder

Mango seeds are very effective in the treatment of bleeding piles. The seeds must be well dried and powdered. You can buy dry mango seed powder from local health stores. Consume two teaspoons of this powder with a glass of water twice a day. This treatment will reduce inflammation and shrink your piles, thus putting an end to the bleeding process.

Mango Seed Powder To Reduce Bleeding Piles

Foam Pillows

Use doughnut shaped pillows made of foam, for sitting, in case you have bleeding piles. This will avoid strain on piles and prevent them from bleeding and staining your clothes. Using these pillows at home and office will save you from embarrassment in public.

Foam Pillows To Reduce Bleeding Piles

Cold Compress

Pack a few ice cubes in an ice pack. Cover this with a soft, clean cloth. Apply this cold compress gently on the bleeding piles. This reduces inflammation and stops the bleeding. A cold compress also gives you immense relief from pain and irritation caused by bleeding piles.

Cold Compress To Reduce Bleeding Piles

Radish Juice

Fresh radish juice taken internally helps in the treatment of bleeding piles. Radish cleanses the digestive tract, heals piles and prevents bleeding piles from getting infected further.

Radish Juice Reduce Bleeding Piles

Hydrate Your Body

Drink plenty of water every day to cleanse your digestive tract. Water keeps the body cool and well hydrated which is vital for curing bleeding piles. Adequate water will let you pass stools easily, without hurting the already inflamed piles.

Follow these home remedies regularly to get rid of bleeding piles.

Water Reduce Bleeding Piles