9 Best Herbal Remedies For Hangovers


Herbal Remedies For Hangovers Did you party heartily last night, and now your head is splitting and your gait haphazard? The dreaded hangover will surely be your companion for the rest of the day unless you do something about it. These are some common herbs easily stocked in the markets and your kitchen larders.

If you relish your drinks a little too much make sure you place the herbal miracles right next to your bedside. Just pop them in the next morning and get relief from your hangover.

Herbal Remedies For Hangovers


Peppermint Reduce Hangovers Peppermint can be consumed in tea form and is a natural soother for the stomach. The peppermint tea helps improve digestion immensely and it also soothes the agitated nerves. As the digestive system is in a traumatic condition after the consumption of oodles of alcohol, it’s the peppermint that helps maintain balance in the body.


Fennel Reduce Hangovers Liver function improves with the restorative fennel water. Just add a few seeds of fennel into a glassful of water and boil it.  Drink this hot cup of fennel tea to improve the function of liver.

Primrose oil

Primrose Oil Reduce Hangovers The evening primrose oil is commonly used to reduce liver and stomach discomfort. This is a natural hangover herb remedy that is recognized by most people. The liver has to work agonizingly during the hangover period; there is a lot of stress on it, its a few drops of primrose oil swallowed directly with water that can make the liver work more relaxed.


Blucetin Reduce Hangovers This is a natural extract that has been used for curing hangovers since ages. The Oriental Raisin Tree gave rise to the BluCetin that has liver protective attributes.


Grate some ginger into hot water boil a while for curing a hangover. You can also chew on some ginger biscuits or a piece of honey-ginger to get rid of an upset stomach or nausea due to the excess alcohol consumed.The ginger root can also be chewed on for relief from a hangover. The ginger is also available in capsule or tea form and they can provide respite from the symptoms straightaway.

Ginger Reduce Hangovers Carrot

Need to cleanse your overworked hepatic system? Grab a detoxifying agent like a wild carrot. Just eat it but make sure to keep a jug of water around or this diuretic can drain your body’s supply of water.

Carrot Reduce Hangovers Centaury

Take a few leaves of centaury and add it to the boiling water with tea leaves. This will help in calming the stomach and soothe the agitated nerves naturally. This concoction also helps in managing an upset stomach and keeps the nausea at bay.

Centaury Reduce Hangovers Thyme

Add some thyme leaves to your brewing tea. Add a dash of sweet honey and stir it. The tired and tense muscles are smoothened by the thyme herb and they also help in curing the stomach of its troubles.

Thyme Reduce Hangovers Willow Bark

Willow Bark is known by another name “nature’s aspirin”. Mix it with cold water and then drink it, don’t get repulsed by the bitter after taste, it has a way with the alcoholic hangover. Almost all health food stores have readymade willow bark tinctures, just mix in water and drink away.

Willow Bark Reduce Hangovers