14 Top Best Health Benefits Of Carrots


14 Top Best Health Benefits Of Carrots

Carrot is considered as one of the healthiest food on Earth. This powerfood is loaded with vitamins along with vitamin A. It also contains biotin, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and many trace minerals. Forget multivitamin pills, if you regular eat carrot. Though it has many health benefits, eating too much carrot many be harmful for diabetics as it contains natural sugar. Otherwise, it is a safe food for all with many health benefits. From improving eye sight to preventing cancer, this crunchy food is an all rounder in providing positive health benefits.  Clubbed here are some amazing health benefits of carrot.

Here Are Top Best Health Benefits Of Carrots:

Improves Eyesight

Carrot is popularly known to improve vision. It contains beta-carotene that is transformed into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A further converts into rhodopsin (purple pigment) that is required for night vision.  Rhodospin also prevents other eye sight problems. It has been studied that people who regularly consume carrot has the lesser chance of getting eye sight problems.

Improves Eyesight

Provides Healthy Skin

Carrot protects the skin against a number of skin diseases and problems like dry skin, acne, psoriasis, and skin blemishes. Vitamin C and other nutrients present in carrot help to nourish the skin and provide healthy glow. Apart from eating carrot, you can also use carrot to prepare skin mask.  Mix crushed carrot with 1 tbsp of honey, lemon and olive oil and stir the mixture to form a paste. Apply the mask on the skin and leave for 20 minutes.

Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Delays Ageing

Carrot is rich in beta-carotene which acts as an antioxidant and protects the cells from damaging effects of other molecules and fight cell degeneration. So, eat carrot regularly to remain healthy and young.

Delays Ageing

Fight Heart Diseases

Along with beta-carotene, carrot also contains alpha carotene and lutein. Research has proved that diet rich in carotenoids helps to prevent heart diseases. It has been studied that people who eat six carrots a day have lesser chance of getting stroke than who ate carrot once in a month.

Protects Your Heart

Detox Body

High vitamin A contains of carrot helps the liver to eliminate toxins from the body. It also helps to minimize the bile and fat in the liver. Elimination of harmful toxins from the day ensures healthy and disease-free body.

Digestion Benefits

Prevent Cancer

Carrot shields the body against many types of cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Falcarinol and Falcarindiol have been identified in carrots. Both the chemicals have anti-cancerous properties.

Cancer Prevention

Control Infections

Studies have shown that carrots help to control infection. Mashed or grated raw carrot can be used on the affected area for fast relief. Eating carrot further controls respiratory infection that causes asthma attack. Anti-oxidants present in the carrot fight against free-radical attack and infection in the respiratory system.

Cuts and Wounds

Prevent Constipation

Carrot is rich in fibre that effectively prevents constipation. Fibre helps in clear bowl movement and therefore controls constipation. Carrot can even be used to cure chronic constipation. Mix five parts of carrot juice with one part of spinach juice. Drink the juice mix regularly to cure chronic constipation.



Infertility is often caused due to deficiency of nutrients and enzymes. Carrot helps to boost fertility by furnishing the body with essential vitamins and enzymes. It is also very healthy to drink carrot juice during pregnancy especially during the last months of pregnancy. Taking carrot juice during this time reduces the chance of jaundice in new born baby.


Boost Immunity

Most of the diseases occur due to weak immunity. It has been found that regular intake of carrot strengthens the immune system and shield the body against diseases and infections.

Boosts Immunity

Water Retention

Women mostly suffer from water retention problem which is the cause of obesity in many cases. Water retention more commonly occurs during monthly menstruation cycle and pregnancy. Carrot has diuretic qualities that help to flush out excess water from the body.

Water Retention

Reduces Cholesterol

Most people get heart diseases due to high blood cholesterol level. Carrot contains pectin that lowers blood cholesterol level and thereby preventing heart diseases.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Gums & Teeth

Carrots munching cleans the teeth just like toothbrush. It clears the plague and the food particles from the gums and teeth. Carrot induces the gums to secrete saliva that neutralizes acids formed by the decaying bacteria. Carrot contains mineral that protects teeth from damage.

Gums & Teeth

Prevents Anemia

Eat carrot to stay away from anemia. Anemic person should religiously eat carrot as it promotes the production of hemoglobin. Chemical composition of carrot molecules is very similar to hemoglobin. Hence, it assists in the formation of red blood cell.