Best Five Herbal Remedies For Burning Eyes


Herbal Remedies For Burning Eyes

Burning eyes and eye irritation may be a symptom of many types of health disorders. While it may happen as a result of eye strain; allergy and infection may also be some of the primary reasons for eye burning.

Since this problem has now become a common in the age of computers, people often tend to avoid it. However, eye burning may not be as simple as it may seem and may lead to many health disorders. Hence, you can keep these below listed herbs handy to prepare eyewashes or eye compresses to get relief from burning eyes and to maintain your eyes in the pink of their health.

Best Five Herbal Remedies For Burning Eyes


Eyebright For Burning Eyes Relief

Just as its name suggests, this wonder herb was so named as it bears a small black dot at the centre of the flower which resembles an eye. In the ancient days people used to believe that plants have the capabilities of treating health disorders that they indicated and hence, the plant was so named. However, this doctrine has proved to be a truth, as eyebright is one of those herbs which have remained the primary eye care herb and is still continuing to be the best choice of herbalists.

Eyebright has various types of volatile oils, saponins, resins and tannins, which provide it with its medicinal properties, among which the anti-inflammatory property is the most prominent, which is catered by tannins. It is one of the best herbal remedies for burning eyes and conjunctivitis. Herbal tea prepared with eyebright can be used as an eyewash and on combining it with nettle it serves as one of the best anti-allergic eye care herbal preparations.

Green Tea

Green Tea For Burning Eyes Relief

Although green tea is primarily known for its cholesterol lowering properties, there are many other benefits of this herbaceous plant, including eye care. Large amounts of tannin found in green tea makes it a highly effective anti-inflammatory herb. Herbalists have even established the fact that green tea is a source of natural COX-2 inhibitors, which behave and act in almost the same way as NSAIDs, only without the side effects.

For its being loaded with a compound called L-Thianine, green tea exhibits nervine properties. As a result of which, this herb also helps to release the anxiety and stress by soothing the nerves, which in turn diminishes the realisation of the pain or inflammation. Additionally, green tea being an anti-bacterial herb also helps to protect the eyes from bacterial infections.


Bilberry For Burning Eyes Relief

Bilberry is an herb that is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. However, it is not only effective for reducing inflammation and pain related with sprains and bruises but also for eye redness and inflammation. Tannins found in bilberry are mainly responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from that, anthocyanosides found in bilberries help to promote circulation in the blood capillaries around the eyes, thereby helping the person to get relief from eye inflammation, pain and irritation.

Barberry Root

Although barberry root may not have that much of popularity among the common people, its effectiveness as an eye inflammation reducing herb has gained it the reputation of being one of the best eye care herbs. Eyewash prepared with this herb can be used to get complete relief from eye irritation and its subsequent inflammation and pain. Being loaded with alkaloids, this herb has strong anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to it being an herbal COX-2 inhibitor. Apart from that, it also protects the eyes from bacterial infections.

Barberry Root Reduce Burning Eyes


Cornflower is an ornamental plant that bears bright violet coloured flowers. The petals of these flowers are often infused and mixed with saline water to prepare soothing eyewash.Using a few drops of the eye wash prepared with cornflower can provide almost immediate relief from eye burning, pain and irritation.

Cornflower Reduce Burning Eyes