5 Best Diet For GERD Treatment


Diet For GERD Treatment Acidity or GERD is one of the most discomforting diseases which though non-threatening can seriously undermine quality of life of a person.  People suffering from GERD often complain that after eating certain foods their acidity worsens and hence diet plays a very important role in the lives of people suffering from acidity or GERD. While there is no one diet which can prevent all the symptoms of acidity but there are some foods which are generally deemed as safe for people suffering from GERD.

Best Diet For GERD

High Fiber Foods

High Fiber Foods For GERD Treatment High fiber foods are just right for anyone including people suffering from GERD.  There are different types of fiber, some add moisture to the intestines while some others add bulk and help in clearing the bowels faster. Including one whole fruit, 3-4 green vegetables and some other sources of soluble and insoluble fibers like whole grains, beans, nuts, etc. will help in easing off the symptoms of GERD.


Probiotics For GERD Treatment Probiotics are basically the good bacteria which help in digestion. Probiotics are found in yogurt, buttermilk, etc. Now probiotics are also available in the form of sweet milk like drink which is said to improve digestion. Though more research needs to be done but some empirical data suggest that eating probiotics rich foods help in improving GERD symptoms.

Include Ginger And Fennel For Better Digestion

Ginger For GERD Ginger and fennel are supposed to have calming properties and they aid digestion. You can include ginger in various forems like dried, pickeled, fresh pieces eaten raw or any other form. Fennel can also be eaten raw as they reduce bloating, aid digestion and improve stomach functioning. You can eat fennel raw in salad or can include in curries.

Fruits Like Pine Apple And Banana

Pine Apple And Banana For GERD Treatment Certain fruits like banana, pine apple, papaya, etc. are very good for people suffering from GERD because these fruits contain certain substances which aid digestion. For example pine apple contains Bromelain and papaya contains papin, these enzymes help in greaking down protein molecules and aid digestion. Including these fruits as snacks can help you control your GERD symptoms.

Foods To Avoid

Avoid eating fried fat foods or high fat foods on regular basis. These foods do not let stomach empty easily and aggravate GERD. Caffeinated drinks and carbonated drinks also aggravate acidity and hence limit their intake to two cups a day. Among vegetables, garlic, onion and tomatoes are the culprit as they tend to trigger heartburn among many people. Citrus fruits, which are acidic in nature should also be avoided.

Avoid Citrus Fruits For GERD Treatment Chocolate, though a favorite of most of the people is not a stomach friendly people suffering from GERD. Chocolate contains a substance called methyxanthine, which relaxes the smooth muscles of LES and hence can aggravate acidity. Besides taking care of these foods, making some small changes in lifestyle will help in reliving symptoms. Eating frequent and small meals, post dinner slow walks and eating organic and healthy foods on regular basis will go a long way in making your life pain free.

5 Best Diet For GERD Treatment