8 Alternative Treatments For Lactose Intolerance


8 Alternative Treatments For Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance consists with the inability to digest milk and milk products. The maximum sugar contained in milk products. Some people may not able to digest the major sugar contained product because of some reasons that is known as lactose intolerance. It may occur for the several reasons, i.e. any type of digestive disorder which can damage the lactase cells of production which is an enzyme. Lactase plays a very important role to deal with lactose. Lactase helps to digest the milk and milk products which include more quantity of sugar. Lactase breaks the lactose in the form of the glucose and sugar that are helpful to digest easily. Symptoms of the lactose intolerance are cramped, any type of abdominal pain, gas, swelling, etc.

Here Are Some Alternative Treatments For Lactose Intolerance:

Make Sure About The Lactose Intolerance

At the first we need to be sure about the lactose intolerance. If we have gas, cramp, swelling and any type of abdominal pain with the use of milk or milk products, it might be lactose intolerant and these are the symptoms of lactose intolerance. We need to take precautions once we are aware with the lactose intolerance.

Sure About The Lactose Intolerance

Avoid Dairy Products

If we have a problem of lactose intolerance we need to avoid dairy products which is made of milk as well as the products that contained more sugar. Dairy products include ice-cream, milk, fresh cream, butter, cream cheese are high contained lactose. We should use the products like, buttermilk, yogurt, hard cheese. These are, the less lactose contained products and made from milk protein. Lactose free milk helps to deal with lactose intolerance.

Dairy Products

Try Yogurt

Yogurt is the best substitute for the lactose intolerance. It is, the less lactose contained product that is very easy to digest. It helps to digest the diet with the bacteria contained in it. It works as a medicine on the lactose intolerance. Yogurt release the enzyme which is helpful to enhance lactose in the simple form of glucose or sugar.


Follow A Perfect Diet Chart

There is no perfect cure for lactose intolerance, but only proper diet is helpful to deal with lactose intolerance. We should follow the diet chart every day and no need to take more lactose contained product. It is quite difficult to follow, but it is good for the digestive system. The diet chart should include: don’t drink more than one cup of milk at a time, try to use lactose free products, we should drink the milk or milk products with meals, need to take buttermilk and yogurt which are good for health. For minimizing your lactose level in body, start having the products made with lactose less content like Swiss or Cheddar cheese, Hazelnuts, Oats, Almonds, Soya milk, ‘milk’ made from rice, etc. Soya is also one of the biggest sources of calcium and widely used to fulfill calcium deficiency.


Say No To Lactose Contained Products

Lactose included in products such as potato chips, muffins, pastries, chocolates, soups, candies, and baked goods etc. In these foods lactose contained in surprising forms. So we should be aware of these unexpected products and try to use use less as much as possible.

potato chips

Try To Use Less Sugar Product

If we suffer from the problem of lactose intolerance we should avoid the daily use of dairy product which contained more sugar. Use of more sugar is the main cause of lactose intolerance. Lactose free milk is also available so we should try to use them as much as possible. In addition. We should skip the dairy product for at least a couple of weeks or for a few days. It is helpful to clear the problems related to gas and acidity.

Try To Use Less Sugar Product

Regular Test Of Blood And Glucose

After every precaution we need to do a blood test and a glucose test for the knowing about the balanced lactose in the body. It is necessary for the richest health. So we should always do the test after the alternate period of time. After the test we are able to know about the abnormal or normal lactase.

blood test

Consume Calcium Rich Food

One of the important reasons to have milk and dairy products is they contain calcium that is needed to make your bones strong. Those people, who are not able to take milk, they must consume enough calcium from the other resources like oranges, almonds, leafy green vegetables, seaweed, some type of beans, tinned fish etc. one of the way is to buy calcium and vitamin D from the chemists.

Calcium Rich Foods