5 Alternative Treatments For Depression


Alternative Treatments For Depression Depression is a medical condition that may require psychiatric interference and medication. Depression is a state of mind which is accompanied with a sense of hopelessness and sadness. Their is heightened aversion to any activity and work.

Irritability and mood swings go hand in hand with depression. We all go through short phases of depression sometimes. Especially amongst the women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome, depression might occur every month. However, where it stays on for weeks and months, it becomes a cause of concern.

With growing awareness, a number of people refer themselves to doctors and there are effective drugs that can bring you out of it. But most of us are hesitant about drug intake keeping in view the side effects. Therefore, alternative treatments are being generously explored in this case.

Various Treatments For Depression

Yoga Bliss

Yoga Bliss Reduce Depression Yoga blends the right balance of physical well being and mental stability. The mild and basic yoga postures involve controlled breathing, focus and meditation. Pranayam, Vajrasana and Anlom Vilom are all sitting postures involving meditation and deep breathing. Whereas Shavasana is a lying on the back pose which literally translates to “Dead Pose”.Just lie flat on the floor with your eyes closed and hands by your side. Breathe regularly and try to block all the thoughts in your mind. The deep breathing helps in controlling and calming the emotional upheaval, whereas mediation blocks out the negative thoughts.

Puncture It With Acupuncture

Acupuncture Reduce Depression Acupuncture is a widely popular holistic treatment which involves pricking thin needles in the pressure points of the body. The pricking basically releases the tension. It is an ancient Chinese remedy which is believed to relieve the mind and body of their maladies. There are various points where the needles are inserted based on the treatment being sought.For treating depression lung, heart and liver point are pricked. These are believed to release the grief, anger and fear. It is usually a painless procedure as the needles are thread thin. And takes around an hour to complete.

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy Reduce Depression There are some scents and perfumes that can instantly bring a calm over you. Have you ever wondered why all the spas and massage therapy centres tend to have lightly scented atmospheres? Simple, these smells make it easy for you to relax. Aroma therapy can work wonders to alleviate anxiety and lower your depression symptoms. There are various ways in which you can use power of Aroma.Get some incense sticks and light them in your room or place where you spend most of the time. Adding aromatic oils to your bath water is another effective manner of using aroma Therapy. Aromas of Lavender, sandal and vanilla are known to have calming effects on the body and mind.

Think Tea

Tea Reduce Depression There are some herbal teas that are known to have positive effect on our mind. They are recommended not only in cases of anxiety and depression but also for issues like insomnia and restlessness. Green tea, Chamomile,  St.John’s wort, Basil tea are all easily available and have anti-depressant compounds in them.The flavonoids contained in these teas bring about a feeling of happiness and elation. Having a warm cup of tea especially in the night right before going to bed can lend you a night of peaceful sleep and first cup in the morning can create that extra bit of sunshine for you!


Massage Reduce Depression Massages are meant to put your body and mind in a relaxed state. The Essential oils used in massages have aromas that work on your mind like tranquilisers. Similar to acupuncture, the therapist uses his or her fingers and hands to locate and release the pressure from various points of your body. Numerous studies have shown that a session of massage can lower the level of stress inducing hormone called Cortisol by as much as 50%.Go natural with these alternative therapies and follow the ones that seem to be providing the best relief. Persons suffering from chronic depression should definitely give these treatments a try instead of gulping down the medicines.

5 Alternative Treatments For Depression