8 Best Alternative Treatments For Clogged Ears

8 Best Alternative Treatments For Clogged Ears

It is a very responsible job to keep ears healthy in order to perceive sound. Ears are the only instrument that can help to receive sound waves for sensation. Thus, people should give more preference to maintain their ears regularly. There can be lots of problems for ears, which need to be solved for better results. Clogged ears can hamper the listening capability in human beings. It is nothing but clogging of the ear canal due to various numbers of reasons. It can be solved by various numbers of methods. Alternative treatments are some of the best technique that can assure good results without any side effects.

Here Are Some Best Treatments For Clogged Ears

Using Olive Oil

Formation of unwanted wax inside the ear can lead to the problem of clogging. It is thus very important to use some technique to clear off the wax. Olive oil can definitely help in this regard. It will help to soften the wax present in the ear and thus allows it to easily remove. Take some olive oil and warm it. Put this warm olive oil into ear with the help of a dropper. Keep the oil inside the ear for some time. It will help to soften the wax and use an ear bud to clean off the wax.

Olive Oil

Warm Compress To Treat Clogged Ears

Warm compress is also a good idea to unclog the ears from wax. Clogged ears can also take place due to sinus congestion. Use of warm compress will help to soft the sinus congestion and thus allow it to hear properly. Take a clean cloth and dip it into warm water. Squeeze it to remove extra water. Keep this warm cloth near the ear for 10 minutes. It will not only help to remove congestion, but will also help to get relief from pain.

Warm Compress

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is rich in antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. This makes it as a special oil to treat various kinds of health problems. Clogged ears can also be treated with the help of tea tree oil. Take some tea tree oil and put it into boiling water. Allow the steam coming out from the water to enter clogged ears. It will soon remove the congestion and soften the wax for better hearing. Tea tree oil can be diluted with olive oil and this oil can be directly applied into the ear with the help of a dropper.

Tea Tree Oil

Using Garlic Oil

Garlic is rich in antibiotic properties and can be better to treat the condition of clogged ears. If the clogged ears are due to any sort of infection, then garlic oil can surely help to get relief and remove the clogging. Take some garlic cloves and mash it properly. Add little amount of coconut or olive oil into it. Heat the solution and allow it to cool. Then put this oil directly into the ear. Keep it for sometime inside the ear and then tilt to bring back the oil to outside.

Garlic Oil

Intake Of Hot Foods To Remove Clogged Ears

Hot foods such as chilies, pepper, onions and other stuffs can be taken in diet in order to remove the problem of congestion. Clogged ears caused due to sinus congestion can be well treated with the help of hot foods. It is very effective in releasing congestion and clears the ear.

Spicy Foods

Mixture Of Apple Cider Vinegar And Alcohol

If the clogged ears are due to any kind of bacterial infection, then mixing alcohol and apple cider vinegar can provide best results in shortest possible time. Take equal amount of apple cider vinegar and alcohol and mix it properly. Use a dropper to put his mixture directly into the ear. Leave it for 10 minutes and use an ear bud to remove all wax from the ear.
Apple Cider Vinegar And Alcohol

Steam Treatment For Clogged Ears

Steam can be allowed to enter the ears for getting relief from clogged ears. It will help to soften the wax that can be easily taken out. Take hot water and add some lavender into it. Allow the steam to directly enter into your ear. It will help to get relief from pain that is experienced during clogged ears.

Inhale Steam

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide and add some amount of baby oil into it. Use a dropper to put this solution into the ear. Keep it for some time in order to soften the wax. Initially bubbles sound will come and which will later on diminish. Tilt the head in order to bring out the solution that has already worked.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

These are few alternative treatments that provide guaranteed results.