All About Chin Implant Procedure And Risks

All About Chin Implant Procedure And Risks A Chin Implant Procedure is a surgical process that enhances the size of the chin or aims at reshaping the basic structure of the chin for a correct balance of facial features. People with weak chins or ones without the right shape opt for an implant procedure to achieve permanent alteration to the shape of their chin. This procedure can widen your chin, strengthen it or even make your face look longer with a new chin.

A chin implant procedure involves placing a bio compatible implant over  your lower jaw bone. The implants may be made of real bone or fat tissue from the patient’s body. Implants made of silicon, Dacron, Teflon or biological inserts are also available. The surgeon decides which one of these is right for you. Basic Facts and risks associated with a chin implant surgery are covered here.

Chin Implant Procedure – Facts

Candidates For Chin Implant Surgery

People with a weak chin who seek a permanent solution can go in for chin implant surgery. They must be physically fit with a healthy immune system. People who use temporary tissue fillers may also opt for this surgery as it offers a permanent solution to a misshapen chin.

How Is It Done?

This procedure is usually performed by a plastic surgeon or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. A biocompatible chin implant of appropriate material is chosen depending on the requirement and the technique applied while performing the surgery. You may be administered general or local anesthesia to make you feel relaxed and pain free. An incision is made outside your mouth, under the chin or inside the mouth.

Chin Implant Surgery

A pocket is created to place the the implant directly over the bone along the lower jaw. In case of silicon implants, a small incision is made outside, under the chin. For other rigid biocompatible materials like Medpor, an incision is made inside the mouth. The chin implant is then secured in a pocket or by affixing it with sutures or screws to soft tissue or bone. The incision is then closed with stitches. This procedure takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Recovery Process

Following a chin implant surgery, your lower lip may feel numbed. This sensation usually returns within a day. Your chin may feel slightly sore and swollen. Your chin may be taped to provide support to the implant, post surgery.

Taped Chin

The sutures will dissolve on their own in a few days. In case the surgery was performed with an incision under your chin, the stitches will be removed within a week.

Chin Implant Risks

As with all implant surgeries, chin implant procedure has its associated risks. For one, the implant may get shifted or infected. In the latter case, the implant may have to be removed. Sensation to the chin and lower lip may be temporarily lost. Blood pooling or hematoma, though rare, may occur. Feeling of pain in the chin along with swelling is common.

Things To Note

Make sure you avoid contact sports till you recover completely. Nicotine from cigarette smoke can delay healing. So avoid smoking after a chin implant procedure.

No Smoking

It is advisable to avoid chewing. A soft diet will be prescribed by your doctor in addition to pain killers and antibiotics. Rinsing your mouth after meals is a must to keep sutures clean.