6 Advantages Of Laser Teeth Whitening


Laser teeth whitening is a technique widely used by dentists today to whiten your teeth from its former yellow coloring. This procedure involves two steps, teeth cleaning and laser tooth whitening. In the first step, your dentist removes plaque, bacterial growth and tartar on and between your teeth followed by the application of gel on your gums to protect them from damage. The dentist then positions your mouth for the laser treatment. The entire procedure is quick and is executed in about one hour.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser treatment for white teeth is extremely effective and makes your teeth up to several shades whiter with visible effects apparent immediately. Although this procedure is more expensive than bleaching powders and pastes for the teeth it has several advantages over traditional teeth cleaning procedure, as enumerated below.

Various Advantages Of Laser Teeth Whitening

Simple Procedure

The first and most important advantage is that laser dental whitening is a quick and simple procedure and does not require a long, drawn out surgical process to whiten your teeth.This process reduces yellowing of teeth that occurs naturally with age, instantly and the teeth are visibly whiter. This procedure achieves several shades of teeth whitening swiftly and easily.



The major advantage of the laser teeth whitening procedure is speed. A dentist can perform this procedure to whiten all your teeth in the span of an hour. Teeth whitening products, on the other hand, must be used for several weeks before one can discern any visible effects.By contrast, teeth whitening products such as whitening powders, tray-based whitening kits and strips are much slower and require several applications to achieve similar whitening effects.


Immediate Visible Results

A major advantage of laser dental whitening is that one session with your dentist is enough to produce a visible difference to your teeth. Your set is immediately several shades lighter than its previous yellow. Only in extreme cases are multiple sessions required to achieve the desired white shade for your teeth.

fine teeth

Long Term Effects

Teeth whitened using laser treatment stay that way for a relatively long period of time. Laser tooth whitening has been proven to be more effective than other methods of tooth whitening. Teeth whitening pastes and powders that you apply at home take several weeks to show any visible results and remove only stains on your teeth. Your set of teeth, at best, is up to two shades lighter from its former yellow coloring and the effect lasts only a few weeks.

A tooth lightening with a laser, on the other hand, makes your teeth several shades whiter and its effects last for up to five years, with just one session in the dental clinic. The procedure is not only quicker; the effects are better and last longer.

Long Term Effects

Less Damage

With this treatment for your pearly whites, the gum and teeth are not weakened, as is the case with powders and bleaching agents over a period of time.Since only one session is required with your dentist every five years, laser whitening has no effect on the strength of your teeth and health of your gums, and gives you fantastic results in just one hour, that lasts a really long time.

Less Damage


This procedure is safe as precautions like neutralizing gels and rubber shield your gums to ensure that your mouth, tongue and gums are not affected. The procedure has been proven to be extremely effective and safe without damaging any tissues in the mouthIf you are looking to undergo laser teeth whitening, consult with your dentist today to get visibly whiter teeth!