9 Ways To Lose Weight Fast With Seven Days Sacred Heart Diet

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The quality of your health depends on what you eat. Unhealthy eating habits cause unintended weight gain and impair your health. Modifying your diet is the first step in kick starting the natural ability of the body to heal itself and get rid of the unwanted body fat. 7 days Sacred Heart Diet is one such diet plan for promoting weight loss and increasing stamina.

Sacred Heart Diet is a 7 days diet plan. It focuses on eating a specific type of soup everyday and certain foods that vary from day to day. It is not clearly known who is the actual creator of this weight loss plan, but the dietitians of Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital are often credited to have created the diet plan to help obese patients lose weight fast prior a scheduled surgery. Notwithstanding the controversy about the creator of the Sacred Heart Diet, a large number of overweight and obese men and women have relied on this diet to reduce their body weight.

Here Are The List Of 7 Days Scared Heart Diet Plan.

Diet Plan

The Sacred Heart Diet plan ensures that the dieter does not feel bored eating the same type of food every day. The menu changes each day. You eat certain foods and avoid others every day. However, the soup is common item in the menu.


Soup Recipe

To prepare the soup you will need 2 lb carrots, at least 3 large green onions, two green peppers, a bunch of celery, two cans of stewed tomatoes, two cans of green beans, one chicken noodle soup mix package and a can of fat-free chicken or beef broth. Add the chopped vegetables, soup mix and broth in a container. Add water if needed and bring the soup to boil. Boil for about 10 minutes and then reduce the heat and simmer until the vegetables become soft. Season the soup with salt and pepper. You may add Worcestershire sauce or hot sauce to enhance the flavor.


First Day Menu

Throughout the first day you will eat a fruit of your choice, preferably low calorie fruit such as cantaloupe or watermelon and the special soup. However, you cannot eat banana on the first day of the diet plan.


Second Day Menu

Eat only vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, throughout the day and the special soup. Both raw and cooked vegetables are allowed. For dinner, you can have baked potato with butter as a special treat.


Third Day Menu

The third day menu comprises of fruits, vegetables except baked potato and the special soup.


Fourth Day Menu

On this day, in addition to the soup you are allowed to eat bananas and drink low fat milk. Dieters can eat as many bananas and drink as much milk they want on this day.


Fifth Day Menu

The items of the menu on the fifth day are soup, 6 tomatoes and 10 to 20 ounces of beef.


Sixth Day Menu

Along with soup, you can have vegetables except baked potato and beef steaks.


Seventh Day Menu

On the last day, in addition to the soup, eat brown rice, vegetables and fruit juice without sugar.



According to the supporters of the 7 Days Sacred Heart Diet, by strictly following the diet plan one can lose up to 17 pounds in one week. This diet plan is ideal for people who want to lose weight fast within a short-time span. To attain your long term weight loss goal, you may repeat the diet plan after a few weeks.