9 Nature’s Best Natural Painkillers

Nature’s Best Natural Painkillers

Pain is one of the most disturbing sensations of the body; it can literally disturb the entire body system. The source of pain can be located very far from the actual area of pain and thus treating pain can get tricky at times. Painkillers are substances – which can be natural or synthetic, that help in alleviating the sensation of pain. Pain is a sensation coming from the nerves, which could be a result of internal or external injury or any disease. Thus in order to heal pain either the damage must be treated or the sensation of pain must be reduced. There are abundant pain relieving medicines which are available in today’s world and we generally tend to pop a pill as soon as we experience little bit of pain. However, this is not a good practice and can damage the body. As a counter step, mother nature has given us abundant natural pain relieving substances that work wonderfully towards healing pain.

Let Us Have A Look At The Top Ten Best Natural Painkillers:

1. Clove (Clove Oil)

Clove is very commonly used as a spice in our kitchen; clove oil (one of its ingredient – eugenol) is known to possess excellent pain relieving properties. It is very commonly used to reduce dental pain and inflammation. You can either chew one or two cloves with the affected teeth or simply apply clove oil (available in stores) on the pain causing part.


2. Ginger, Turmeric And Holy Basil

The combination of ginger, turmeric and holy basil is addressed to as the “The Holy Trinity” in field of natural or Ayurveda medicine. This combination has a lot of uses some of which are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and so on. One of the very important property however is pain relieving property. You need to make a paste of freshly crushed ginger and holy basil, add half teaspoon of turmeric and honey to it so as to form a thick paste and consume for pain relief. Alternatively, just consuming the 3 items helps to reduce pain.

Ginger, Turmeric And Holy Basil

3. Heat And Ice

It is a very common practice to apply cold bath (ice) or warm bath (hot water bag) on to a painful body part. The reason why heat and ice treatment is beneficial is because it helps in soothing inflamed muscles and ligaments which ultimately reduces pain. Thus surface application of a heat bath or ice bath can help in pain management.

Heat And Ice

4. White Willow Bark

The bark from the willow tree has been used since centuries as a medicine. It is a very potent element and has been used for fever, cough and cold, allergies, weight loss etc. The most important use of willow bark however is to relieve pain. Since centuries willow bark is known to treat pain (headaches, joint pain, menstrual cramps pain, arthritic pain, gout and so on). Willow bark is known to have properties similar to aspirin.

White Willow Bark

5. Capsaicin

Capsaicin is an element found in capsicum (peppers).It is available in the most natural form and it helps to reduce pain by temporarily reduces sensation of pain. This element is known to be a magic element in treatment of pain and is beingwidely studied further.


6. Cherries

Cherries have something called as anthocyanins – an element which usually imparts bright red shade colours to them. These anthocyanins are known to reduce pain, inflammation and are therefore excellent remedies for joint pain, arthritic pain, headaches etc.


7. Birch Leaf

The composition of birch leaf highly resembles the chemical drug – cortisone and aspirin. In medical field cortisone is used widely to treat arthritis, whereas aspirin is known to reduce muscle spasms, and pain. Therefore, Birch leaf without any doubt is an excellent painkiller for various disease conditions.

Birch Leaf

8. Wintergreen Essential Oil

The wintergreen essential oil is very similar in composition to the allopathic drug – aspirin. Aspirin is used as a painkiller since decades and thus makes wintergreen essential oil an excellent natural pain reliever. You can use the wintergreen essential oil in a diffuser in your house for reducing headaches.

Wintergreen Essential Oil

9. Aquamin

Aquamin is obtained from sea weeds and are very beneficial as they reduce pain and inflammation. Aquamin is widely used to treat the arthritic pain and joint pain.


Apart from above mentioned remedies, acupuncture is also very beneficial for get rid of pain. It is an ancient practice and technique to reduce body pain. The acupuncture experts place very tiny pins/ needles over the affected area (especially the source of pain) and these small pins help to heal the pain. Acupuncture has been a widely used pain relieving natural technique since decades. The above mentioned natural painkillers are very effective if you try them on regular basis. Also, you can consult your doctor for the same.