9 Kitchen Ingredients That Strengthen Brittle Nails

9 Kitchen Ingredients That Strengthen Brittle Nails

Nails are one of the most attractive and gorgeous part of the women’s body which has the ability to tempt and swoon any one! Who would not get mesmerized by those beautiful, gorgeous and long nails looking gorgeous with the perfectly manicured hands! Nails are simply amazing elements women can ever have! Unfortunately, not all women are made to enjoy the joy of amazing long nails. Women care about the nails for the least! While performing the daily chores, in hurry and while nail biting, women simply destroy the nails very brutally! Also some women face the issue of brittle and thin nails which gets brittle even before they grow till their actual length! We all admit that nail car is quite a delicate thing which would require quite much attention and proper care. For easing the process of nail maintenance.

Here Are Some Amazing Home Ingredients Which Help In Strengthening The Nails And Would Make Your Nails Get Stronger:

1. Lemon Slice Remedy:

This cool ingredient would never disappoint you and would get you adorably strong and gorgeous nails. If you are suffering from the issue of brittle and thin nails, here is a super ingredient available in your refrigerator which can help you deal with this! Lemon juice is the promising ingredient which would make your nails, nourished, long, strong and gorgeously thick. Regularly rub some lemon slices on your nails and get cool results.

Lemon Slice Remedy

2. Coconut Oil Massage Remedy:

If you want a cool ingredient which can nourish and redefine your brittle nails soon, this amazing oil would simply work wonders on your tiny and cute body elements! If your nails are brittle, they lack proper nourishment which coconut oil can surely get! Apply and massage some coconut oil regularly on your nails and get flawless, strong and thick nails soon.

Coconut Oil Massage Remedy

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Nail Soak Remedy:

Wondering how this cool and delicious ingredient can help in making your nails healthy and adorable? Apple cider vinegar is filled with a lot of nutrients and minerals which help in strengthening the nails in an awesome way. Get some apple cider vinegar solution and soak your nails in this solution. Witness cool strong nails in few days of usage.

Apple Cider Vinegar Nail Soak Remedy

4. Vitamin E Oil Massage:

This amazing oil is the cure for all the issues related to skin hair and the gorgeous nails! This cool oil has antibacterial anti fungal and strengthening properties which would not only keep your nails healthy but would also make your nails look thick, long and awesome. Apply tea tree oil regularly on your nails twice a day and within few days your nails would shock you with some awesome transformations.

Vitamin E Oil Massage

5. Almond Oil Nourishing Remedy:

If we think about an ingredient which completely nourished and rejuvenates the skin and hair, almond oil is the first oil to click our minds. Almond oil is filled with awesome smoothening, nourishing and strengthening properties which makes it in this hit list. Massage some almond oil regularly twice a day on your brittle nails and you would get strong and healthy nails in just a few applications.

Almond Oil Nourishing Remedy

6. Sea Salt Strengthening Remedy:

This is one of the coolest strengthening and cleansing ingredient which is quite a normal and widely preferred ingredient when it comes to nails. If you want a natural cleanser which makes your nails stronger and healthier from inside, go for the seal salt remedy. Mix some sea salt in water and soak your nails in this water. Try this remedy for few days and you would love the results.

Sea Salt Strengthening Remedy

7. Olive Oil:

This is among the cool oils which serve as a healthy option for making the nails awesome and adorably thick. Olive oil if filled with nourishing elements and minerals which would quench the thirst of your nails for nourishment and would make the amazingly thick and strong. Apply some olive oil on your nails daily and within just some applications your nails would grow stronger, thicker and glossier.

Olive Oil

8. Milk Soak Remedy:

Milk is the ultimate strengthening and smoothening ingredient which has calcium mainly, which is completely required by the nails. This ultimate and cool ingredient is quite beneficial when it comes to nil health. Get some fresh milk and soak your nails in milk for 15-20 minutes daily. This soak remedy would surely at your rid of the brittle and shallow nails and get you cool, long, polished and adorable nails.

Milk Soak Remedy

9. Egg Remedy:

Eggs are the nourishing agents which would never fail to get you cool results. Filled with calcium, proteins, vitamins and numerous such rich ingredients and minerals, the amazing food would get your nails thicker, longer and stronger in a dreamy way! Get some egg yolk and egg white, and soak your nails in this for 15 minutes daily.

Egg Remedy


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